The Silverhawks remind me of how spoiled I was

In 1985, Rankin/Bass had a hit on their hands with the Thundercats. “Hey, why don’t we make them birds instead of cats and put them in space?” Airtight.

It worked for me, but it didn’t quite catch on as much as its predecessor. We discuss the Silverhawks television show, comic and Kenner toy line on our latest podcast, available on iTunes and Buzzsprout.

“Wings of Silver, Hearts of Steel… Silverhawks!” Check out the opening theme:

They even had the arch-enemy that transformed into a bigger beast (a-la the Thundercats’ nemesis, Mumm-Ra):

Sixty-five episodes were made in 1986. A Marvel-owned comic accompanied, as did a Kenner toy line. The Silverhawks were one of my favorite lines as a 10 year-old.

I’ll never forget what an a-hole I was to my old man the day he came home and surprised me with another Silverhawk action figure to add to my collection. In retrospect, it was unbelievably cool that he kept up with all of the toy properties I was collecting (G.I.Joe, Transformers, M.A.S.K., Star Wars, LJN WWF Wrestlers, etc.) and which figures I didn’t have.

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Problem was, he came home with what I referred to as “the girl Silverhawk” (Steelheart – sister of Steelwill). I only had Quicksilver and Mon*Star at the time, and Steelwill, Copper Kidd, or any of the cool villains like Mumbo Jumbo or Poker-Face would have been at the top of my wish list, had I known he was gonna bring a Silverhawk home! He was only going to the grocery store! How was I to know?!

I scoffed at my dad’s offering and complained that he got me the wrong one. What an ingrate I was. Just awful.

He tore me a new one for my attitude, and rightly so. Still wish I could take that reaction back. Sorry for the retrospective, back to the good stuff:

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