The 16 Most Delightfully 80s Things in ‘Ghostbusters’

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

My wife was dangerously close to roping me into a Flip or Flop marathon on HGTV last weekend. Once again, I looked to my trusty steed Netflix Instant for liberation.

I lacked the ambition necessary to start one of the series I have parked in my queue, I don’t have a binge in me right now. I watched Ghostbusters. One thing I noticed this time: though it represents a huge part of what made the 80s great, it doesn’t come off as a movie stuck in that time period. If the biggest update necessary to bring the movie current is changing the tagline to “Who ya gonna call or click (and leave a glowing review of on Yelp)?”, then Ghostbusters holds up pretty well.

That didn’t stop me from noticing some delightfully 80s things (mostly in the background) of Ghostbusters:

Janine’s desk (specifically the PC and phone)

Dana’s hair and the computers behind her

That microwave

Janine’s glasses

This television set

Dana’s livingroom

This Coke can

The fact that people had Perrier in their fridge

This (unregistered) New York license plate (I miss the old design- simple & refined)

Smoking inside a place of business 

Larry King’s workspace

This baby boombox

“You do your job pencilneck, dont tell me how to do mine!” (The term ‘pencilneck’ will always remind me of Classy Freddie Blassie. Quintessential 80s.)

“I gotta split, the mayor wants to rap with me about some things.” (not necessarily 80s, but it’s my favorite line)

These police cars

This Big Wheel every kid on my street had (besides me)

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