Who Wore It Best? 80s Cartoon Character Edition

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

If you’ve ever stood in line at a grocery store or Target for any amount of time you’ve seen it before- the myriad glossy-covered periodicals featuring the hottest trendy stars.

One feature they run frequently in print and online is the “Who Wore It Best” piece of hard-hitting journalism. Here’s a typical example, where US Magazine wants to know who pulls off barf flowers on pants suits better, Gwyneth Paltrow or Rose Byrne.

It’s time to put the ol’ USF spin on Who Wore It Best? with an infusion of neon, nonsense and animation- it’s Who Wore It Best? 80s Cartoon Character Edition.

Vote for who wore it best in the comments!


Better body-based projectile: Destro’s wrist rockets or Aphrodite’s boob rockets?


Better unruly eyebrows: Panthro or Miles Mayhem?


Prettier red hair: Strawberry Shortcake or Mon*Star?


Sexier Native American headband, loincloth, wristbands: Apache Chief or Spirit?


More lustrous pink hair: The Pink Panther or Jem?


So who wore it best? Hit the comments and weigh in on any or all of the matchups!


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