7 Classic Games Reborn on Your Mobile Device

Question: Where do old games go to die? Answer: They don’t die. They’re born again! Here’s a rundown of some of the games that have been resurrected like entertainment zombies, ready to be carried around in your pocket and enjoyed on the move.

Tetris Blitz

How many billions of man- and woman-hours have been lost to Tetris? Where would humanity be now had it not been invented? On our way to distant galaxies, perhaps? Actually, some studies have shown that Tetris improves brain power, so maybe we’ll get to the stars quicker than we would have without it. (Android/iOS.)



Blackjack and poker used to be the preserve of grey-faced men in smoky backrooms, at least in the movies. Now you can play against real people, for real money, while sitting under a shady tree sipping a freshly made lemon cordial. As long as the tree has Wi-Fi. You can even play for free at Gaming Club online casino games, if you feel you need to practice first. (Android/iOS.)



Doom was the game that turned a peace-loving generation of teens into wild-eyed, shotgun-toting death-crazed monster hunters. Now a new generation can enjoy these undeniable benefits on their mobile devices. Don’t expect to get any work done in the next three months though. (Android/iOS.)


Sim City Deluxe

If you played The Sims in the early years of the century, you’ll remember the strange phenomenon whereby real people, outside in the street, started to sound like they were babbling in Sim-language. It was extremely weird, and now you can relive that unsettling experience in touchscreen format. (Android/iOS.)



One of the great-grandparents of video game culture, Pac-Man was simple and brilliant. There are several versions available for today’s players including Pac-Man Dash (in which you have the ability to spit slime at ghosts – at last!) and a basic version, which has been available for the iPhone for a while. (Android/iOS.)


Street Fighter II Collection

Hurricane Punch or Cyclone Kick? Perhaps you prefer a good old-fashioned Dragon Punch? It’s your choice in this mobile release of Capcom’s classic beat-em-up game. This collection includes three versions; World Warrior, Champion Edition and Hyper Fighting. Controls have been cleverly redesigned for mobile devices. (Android/iOS.)


Sonic The Hedgehog

Anyone who played video games in the early or mid-’90s will remember dividing their time between Sonic and Lemmings. Like Super Mario, Sonic is a character that refuses to die, and this app is a fairly straight port of the original Sega game. However, now you can play as Sonic’s companions, Knuckles and Tails. The soundtrack will take you back to your youth (assuming you’re quite old now).

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