6 Basic Hacks That Every Gamer Should Know

by Staff & Contributors

Whether you want to give your gaming console, or the best keyboards for gaming a new lease of life, explore new games, or you just want to make your gaming experience more exciting, these basic hacks will spice up your gaming and enhance the quality of your gaming life. Read on;

  • XBOX Live Gold Members

Being an Xbox Live Gold member is a big deal in the world of online gaming. It offers amazing perks to gamers including free voice and phone calls on skype. This allows you to game as you catch up with friends and your allies. Today, there are more advanced Xbox Kinect control or voice controls features that allow you to engage in different activities as you play. You can play and order for your favourite pizza without much of a hassle.

What’s more, Xbox accessories for Gold live members allow you to access different features. This means you can always configure your app, remap your controls, and set up the desired gaming features. Such advancements will enhance your overall gaming experience.

  • Maximize your eye protection

Whether you spend long hours or just a few minutes playing games, it is imperative that you maximize your eye protection. Your eyes are important not only for gaming, but also in your day to day activities. Consider using the best gaming glasses from reputed optics. Gunnar Optics or Flux are some of the best programs you can use to protect your eyes. They are Free Mac/PC programs that allow you to significantly adjust the color settings and brightness of your screen.

  • Invest in a cool headset

A headset is one of the most important gaming accessories. It immerses you in a world of real gaming, and you can always adjust your sound quality to match your gaming needs. You only need to invest in a cool quality headset and some of the best headsets to consider include the:

  1. Razer Kraken Tournament Edition.
  2. Razer Nari Ultimate.
  3. Steelseries Arctis Pro with GameDAC, this is usually a brilliant option especially if you are a big budget gamer.
  4. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas.
  5. Logitech G pro and Corsair HS50.
  • Embrace game mode feature

Game mode feature on your TV allows you to enjoy an incredible experience. This is a screen setting feature on a wide range of modern TVs that allows you to get rid of input lag and in turn, reduce the visual lag between the screen and the game. Depending on the games you are playing, the TV game mode feature allows you to take the perfect stunts, shots or race in style. The feature spices up your gaming experience, and you can game from the comfort of your couch.

  • Portable Console

The idea of playing games in your playroom is always exciting. It is even more exciting if you can play on the go. Having a portable PlayStation allows you to enjoy a wide range of games whenever and wherever. With free digital games available, you do not have to worry about the type of games you can access. You can always sign up for updates for different games that will make your free moments more exciting.

  • PS4 Dual Shock controller

This is an amazing standard feature that allows you to use a second controller. This is handy whenever you wish to play with a friend without spending much. PS4 dual shock controller works for a wide range of games on PSE console. All you need to do is to enable a remote play, and sign up as a guest user. With advanced L2 and R 2 on the system’s touchscreen, you can use the second controller free.

What’s more, the controller comes with a battery cord therefore, you can play your favorite games without tethering to a console. It is even a more exciting feature, if you can explore features such as the dim light feature on PS4. There is also a secondary sound feature that allows you to adjust the volume to your preferred level.

The beauty of the PS4 controller is that it comes with a highly interactive interface with easy access to amazing features such as the Voice chat among other features.

With these hacks, you can customize your gaming to match your own needs. This is because they are applicable to a wide range of video games and different gaming consoles.

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