5 Things You Should Know About Dating A Gamer

by Staff & Contributors

Gaming is one of the most widespread hobbies of the modern age. In many cases, it transcends mere enjoyment and verges on obsession. People who game too much and try breaking the habit can experience symptoms akin to withdrawing from recreational drugs. So what do you do when you’ve connected with someone on your favorite dating sites for singles, only for you to discover the one thing they seem to find just as irresistible as you is connecting with their console? If you really like this person and get the feeling you’d like to make a go of it, you’ll need to appreciate a few things about dating a gamer. Here are five of the most obvious.


Be aware of ‘the zone’ 

Some enthusiasts can take their gaming or leave it. The console will sit there, they’ll come in the room, and it’ll be 50/50 whether they go over and pick up the controls or switch on the TV to check out what’s on Netflix. But with many more, there’s no contest. Gaming wins, hands down. And it’s not just a case of spending 15 minutes while you’re making coffee, they’ll get into the zone, entering a virtual world where your voice will only register as an unnecessary distraction. This can reach dizzying heights where your gaming partner has become involved in online contests or has invested in accessories such as virtual reality headsets. You’ll need to learn to know when they need to be left to thrive in their own little world, otherwise, you’ll become an irritation.


Gamers have a unique style 

Most gamers would balk at being seen as adopting that stereotypical ‘geek chic.’ After all, gaming is a passion which transcends genders or generations, so many older proponents would look a bit ridiculous wearing baggy jeans, Marvel hero t-shirts, and garish sneakers. Nevertheless, gamers do love expressing their individuality, and this often gravitates to alternative style. So don’t look fazed when they suddenly tug up their sleeves to reveal their latest tattoos of Mystique or Harley Quinn. They might also get into piercing. At the end of the day, it’s the person beneath you should be focusing on.


Don’t be tempted to match them 

There may be a sense of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them,’ drawing you to secretly hone your own console skills. But don’t ever suddenly challenge them to one of their favorite two-person games and to unleashi your hidden talents. While they might begrudgingly acknowledge your newfound skills, inwardly they’ll be seething at being so unexpectedly usurped.


Be prepared for their demands 

If your monthly bank statement reveals a bunch of unexpected totals, courtesy of the latest expensive additions to your partner’s gaming suite, such as new games or memory card upgrades, you’ll have to grin and bear it. This is all part and parcel of their hobby, so if you’ve got any complaints about their need to constantly invest in their it, you can’t be going out with a gamer.


Your timetable will be disrupted 

Perhaps you were used to a normal routine with previous partners. You worked or studied, came home to enjoy recreational time together, then went to bed for some ‘you time.’ With a gamer, there is no chance whatsoever you will be able to enjoy such a regimented timetable. Bedtime will translate as the time their latest game is finished. Even then, if they are within arm’s reach of a console when you’re in bed, you might well have to try doubly hard to entice them away from the screen.

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