The 50 Greatest G.I. Joe Characters of All Time

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by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

20. Mutt & Junkyard

Part of 1984’s third series of G.I. Joe figures, Mutt launched the wildly popular “Joes with Pets” program. Every panelist that ranked him listed him as Mutt & Junkyard, indicating they are an inseparable pair. My guess is that minus Junkyard, Mutt’s only claim to fame would be starring in one of the top 5 Fensler Film PSAs.

Stop all the downloadin’!


19. Gung Ho

The only Joe whose female family members can defeat a small legion of Cobra Troopers. Long-rumored video game based on Gung Ho – Battlefield Attire: Casual – was never made.


18. Tunnel Rat

He keeps turning up, so there must be some attachment to him, right?  Best character on Renegades. -Mike


17. Alpine

Alpine debuted in 1985, apparently because there were a shit ton of unclimbed mountains in the G.I. Joe universe. His real name is Albert Pine. Get it? Al Pine? This guy’s future occupation was more predetermined than frozen treat mogul Yum E. Yogurtstand.


16. Jinx

I really wanted to include an image of Elodie Yung as Jinx in the upcoming G.I. Joe: Retaliation, but I had to remind myself that it hasn’t happened yet. Panelists are basing their rankings on what we know of the character, and the Retaliation version could change our opinions of Jinx.


15. Spirit

In the Sunbow episodes, it seemed like Spirit had more epic hand-to-hand battles with Storm Shadow than Snake Eyes did. Spirit is one of the Joes that when standing alongside a poorly chosen mission partner can give that “Village People” look we Joe fans fear.


14. Outback

If Hasbro had applied the Outback Uniform Design Strategy to other Joes released in 1987, Crazy Legs might have come out wearing a white t-shirt that said ‘JUMPING’.


13. Dusty

Dusty’s real name is Ronald W. Tadur, which is an anagram of Hasbro artist Ron Rudat. Makes me wonder why no Joe was ever named Lawrence Maha.


12. Chuckles

Chuckles, for me, was the epitome of bad-mother-fucker as a kid. Here was a guy, in the middle of all these drab greens, greys, & browns, wearing a Hawaiian shirt into battle – damn the camo! His filecard said it all – “he knows the risks of being undercover, and he willingly took those risks”. His development and personality written in the G.I. Joe: Cobra I & II series from IDW just cemented how awesome he is in my eyes. -Jay


11. Duke

The erstwhile leader, G.I. Joe just can’t be done right without him.  One of the main stars of the Sunbow cartoon, and the focus of about every animated G.I. Joe project afterwards.  Loses some points for being such a non-entity in the Marvel Comics; Hama hated him and preferred Stalker as his field commander. -Mike


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