5 Reasons You Need to Start Watching Lucha Underground Right Now

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck on January 28, 2015

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Believe it or not, this post has nothing to do with the recent unrest amongst WWE fans. I’ve been meaning to put the finishing touches on it for weeks, but the irony of its coincidental timing is not lost on me.

Imagine if George Lucas owned and operated all of science fiction. ALL of it. First of all, there would not be nearly as many fans, as the beauty of science fiction is that with so many unique and individual creators there is bound to be some film, book or program that aligns with your taste. Professional wrestling fans are afforded no such luxury, or at least that’s the perception of far too many of us. For many unenlightened North American wrestling fans, Vince McMahon owns and operates the entire industry. In this case, perception is certainly not reality.

Although the WWE is inarguably the most recognizable name in professional wrestling, they decline that distinction. The WWE doesn’t want to be recognized as the biggest name in pro wrestling, they want to be the only name in Sports Entertainment. For far too long many wrestling fans dismissed the transition as a matter of semantics. I’ll refrain from turning this space into an examination of the WWE’s current product, the fact that I’m writing the should tell you enough.

Luckily wrestling fans have options, and great ones at that. Although many call Lucha Underground the “best alternative” to WWE Raw, I say it’s anything but. It’s the best wrestling program currently running, and it’s so different from anything else that it can hardly be called an “alternative” to anything.

Lucha Underground airs Wednesday nights at 8PM on the El Rey Network. Here are five reasons you need to start watching tonight:

The Talent

The entire Lucha Underground roster can flat out go. There is no performer in the company that doesn’t consistently leave it all in the ring each and every time they perform. Some names and faces you’ll recognize, others you’ll become familiar with (and impressed by) quickly.

The Production

Lucha Underground’s production value is like nothing you’ve ever seen. The action and dialogue between matches plays more like a Grand Theft Auto cut scene or gritty mob film than any wrestling or “sports entertainment” show you’ve ever seen.

If you’re looking for a great hop-on point, check out the innovative Aztec Warfare event from January 7th.

The Fans

You’ll find yourself living vicariously through Lucha’s great live audience. You can see them positively react to every big spot and hang on every tense moment each week.

The Venue

Many say the best era of Monday Night Raw was their first year when they broadcast from the Hammerstein Ballroom. The advantages of performing and filming in an intimate setting with an engaged audience cannot be overstated.

image via prowrestling.wikia

Lucha Underground takes place in Boyle Heights in Southern California, in an arena unlike anything you’ve ever seen in professional wrestling. The setting is really a character all by itself, and an extremely interesting and visually engaging one at that.

The Ground Floor

For all of the rich history and storyline they’ve already built, Lucha Underground just premiered late last fall. Start watching now and you’ll have gotten in ground floor on something that’s destined to be big.

In addition to the incredible talent Lucha Underground already features, word is there is more on the way in the form of some names and faces you’ll recognize. Instead of being the last of your friends to hop aboard, start getting caught up now so you’re watching live when big things happen (and they WILL happen). You can catch highlights of the first 11 episodes on their website, but it’s just as easy to jump right in on Wednesday night and enjoy the ride.

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