5 Games to Play on Your Low-End PC

by Staff & Contributors on July 28, 2022

in Gaming

When it comes to immersive gaming, you don’t have to give up simply because you have a low-end computer. As long as your PC can visit the Hellspin Casino Australia, you can play games on it. Instead of giving up on gaming because your system isn’t capable of playing the most recent releases, consider going back in time. 

Plenty of games can be played on a low-end laptop or PC. Quality is always evident, whether you’re playing at 640×480 or 800×600 resolutions, as long as you’re playing at a high frame rate. Continue reading to learn more about oldies you can play on your PC.


Peglin, a Pachinko-themed deck-building roguelike, may appeal to fans of Peggle. Each time you play, you take on the role of a little, cute green goblin. The game’s three acts each have different bosses to face.

After completing the game’s story mode, you will get access to the Cruciball mode. A significant learning curve is associated with each step up in Cruciball difficulty. If you have an old or sluggish computer, you can play this game thanks to its 8-bit visuals and chiptune audio.


RimWorld combines elements of an RTS, Dungeons & Dragons, and an ant farm into a unique experience. While playing, the player is a third-person “DM” who has to maintain the survival of an “army of pawns” on an unforgiving world. RimWorld is a role-playing game that allows you to decide how you want to win.

A randomly created rimworld awaits your crew as the game begins. Having a lot of modifications loaded slows down the game’s loading speed, just like in Minecraft.

There Are Billions

A mystery virus decimated humanity a few hundred years ago, and this RTS is set in the aftermath. Many different types of difficulty maps may be found in the game’s “survival mode” and “campaign mode.” All of the minigames may be found in the campaign mode.

Low-level players may find the experience somewhat reminiscent of shooting fish in a barrel. When played at the toughest settings, it becomes a roflstomping that is so lopsided that all you can do is have a good laugh while you lose. You’ll go away with a fresh knowledge of how to totally seal off your home base.


The protagonist of this surreal 2D puzzle platformer has found himself “unstuck” amid the passage of time. It’s up to the player to traverse a colorful realm in which just a few items change with time. The ability to rewind time and manipulate the timeline is an important gameplay component. 

There is no such thing as death or defeat. The game doesn’t stop you from progressing until you complete a task correctly. In the event that you can’t solve a problem, you can continue playing and come back later when you’re ready.

Creeper World 4 

Battle a mysterious blue goo that’s out to take over the globe with an armory of weapons under your command. It’s the first time that a Creeper game has used 3D graphics. 

The toughness of the combat is consistently high enough to keep players interested. The game does it without putting them to the point of death with abrupt increases in difficulty.

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