4 Ways to Relieve Insomnia Naturally

by Staff & Contributors on December 7, 2020

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Sleep is nature’s way of replenishing our energy after a tiring day. It is a natural process that enables the body to regain strength and vitality. Lack of sleep, also known as insomnia, can result in serious health issues if persistent.

The good news is that you can treat insomnia naturally. These natural treatments are preferable to the use of medications because sleeping drugs only offer short-term relief. Apart from that, they come with undesirable side effects like constipation, headache, daytime tiredness, and dizziness.  Furthermore, if you don’t experience any side effects, the drug’s potency won’t remain the same as your body could develop a resistance to the drug’s sedative effect.

Many people have resorted to natural remedies to relieve insomnia to avoid the side effects and other drawbacks of sleeping pills. The methods can improve your sleep quality and duration, enabling you to get the recommended amount of sleep every night. If you are experiencing temporary or long-term insomnia and aim to get rid of these symptoms without any medication, consider the suggestions below:

●      The Use of CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-hallucinogenic constituent in the cannabis plant that effectively relieves insomnia symptoms.  CBD products are available in different forms; there are CBD oils, CBD gummies, among others.  These products are easy to dose and use. Apart from that, they are readily available at any legal CBD shop; you can also order weed online from authorized sellers such as The Joint Cannabis.

According to the study conducted in 2019, 66.7 percent of seventy adults experiencing anxiety and stress had a better sleep within the first month of using CBD.

Due to the limited research on the use of CBD to relieve insomnia, you should consult your doctor before embarking on the treatment to know if it is right for you.

●      Exercise and Eat Right

You can also improve your sleep duration and quality through exercise and the right diet. Exercise helps to reduce stress and regulate hormones in the body, thereby relieving you of insomnia.

A scientific study conducted in 2018 showed that exercise helped individuals with insomnia fall asleep faster. To achieve an effective result, you should avoid rigorous exercise after dinner. The perfect time for a walk is in the morning or afternoon, as it does not allow the rise and fall of body temperature to fall within sleep time.

Furthermore, the food you eat can also help fight insomnia. It is worth mentioning that most of our consumables have chemical effects that can make the consumers feel relaxed or drowsy.  Some of the foods that can help you combat sleeplessness include low-fat milk, bananas, salmon, cheese, and almonds.

●      Use Sunlight to Boost Melatonin Production

Melatonin is a hormone in the body that produces a sleeping and relaxation effect. The fact is that you can boost the production of this hormone by exposure to sunlight. How is this possible? The body determines the right time to release energizing hormones by depending on the signals from natural light. In other words, the body pumps out melatonin when you expose it to the sunlight.

Therefore, you can send a clear message to your body by flooding your body with light once you are out of bed. For maximum exposure to sunlight, go for an exercise, open your blinds, and sit close to the windows while at work.  Doing this will boost the melatonin level in your body, leading to improved sleep.

●      Good Bedtime Hygiene

In simple terms, bedtime hygiene describes your routine and activities when it is time to sleep.  You can boost your sleep quality and duration with good bedtime hygiene. Here are some of the ways you can enhance your chances of having a good sleep:

  1. Avoid taking caffeinated drinks, nicotine, or alcohol in the evening.
  2. Have a warm shower or bath about one and a half hour before you sleep
  3. Don’t eat heavy meals at night.
  4. Avoid staring at the screens of laptops, televisions, smartphones, and iPads, at least one hour before going to sleep.
  5. Keep your bedroom quiet and dark.


Insomnia is one of the prevalent health issues in the United States, with about one-third of the adult population experiencing sleeplessness at a particular time in their lives.

CBD is also a natural non-psychoactive product that can help relieve the symptoms of insomnia. Many people often overlook good sleep hygiene; it is one of the natural methods of promoting high-quality night sleep. Sermorelin peptides is also an effective and natural medication to help aid sleep problems. And you can even buy sermorelin online at your convenience.


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