Four Ways to Make a Good Justice League Movie

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

What’s up with the Justice League movie?


Every week we get new insight into Warner Bros. plans for a Justice League movie, and every week the forecast becomes cloudier.

At one point,  i09 indicated Warner Bros. was looking to create a Justice League universe that stands separate from all of their other movie superhero franchises. When Warners said they wanted to go the opposite route of Marvel’s The Avengers, that originally meant they would do the team-up film first, with the individual characters spinning into their own movies from there. This is a whole new, horrific idea.

Let me cram my two cents into what is quickly becoming an over-stuffed piggy bank of ideas. Here are four steps to making a good Justice League movie:


Play to your strengths

I’ve gone on record as saying the Avengers are a better property than the Justice League, but it’s not a clean sweep. What’s one thing DC does better than Marvel? Villains.

In a Justice League movie, DC needs to showcase the villains. Make the bad guys the reason for the good guy team-up. The Joker has been the strongest element of two very different Batman movies. Lex Luthor was a great part of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies and one of the few redeeming qualities of Superman Returns. Sinestro was strong (pardon the pun) in Green Lantern.

Legion of Doom by Cartoon Caveman – click image for source

I’m not saying every one of these characters needs to show up in a Justice League movie, but holy crap if they did! I could argue that seeing a Legion of Doom like this unite on the big screen could be more satisfying and riveting than the Justice League. My only suggestion would be to avoid Bat-villains that appeared in the Nolan-verse, as they will be compared to the great performances therein. You’ve still got The Riddler, Penguin, and others to work with.

The Legion of Doom would be a much more interesting, albeit challenging, foil for the Justice League than the probable intergalactic entity that threatens the entire universe. If they use Darkseid as the main villain, at this point, to the non-comic book reader he will look like a cheap Thanos knock-off. You’re too late on this one, time to go a completely different route.

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