25 Pictures of Heartwarmingly Out of Character Professional Wrestlers

by Newton Gimmick

Although they’re known for being big bruisers, bloody brawlers and often downright nasty people inside the ring, many of pro wrestling’s greatest grapplers were in fact nice guys. Here are 25 candid photos exposing the softer side of wrasslin’s very best.



Big Van Vader was feared all around the world for being such a monster inside the ring. But outside the ring he’s a charming, nice guy as evidenced by his appreciation for this fan.


Ted Dibiase_opt

Here we have the entire DiBiase clan enjoying a tender moment. While they may be notorious snobs in the ring, outside they’re just like us. Bonus: Million Dollar Man photobomb!



Here a young fan gets to meet a few of his idols… That young fan was an aspiring wrestling manager named Paul Heyman. Look at that head of hair!


Dusty (1)_opt

The American Dream looks to be having a blast with these youngsters. Everyone can relate to the bull of the woods, if you will.



Okay, Hawk and Animal aren’t exactly all smiles and kisses, but this is about as nice as the Road Warriors got. That kid should be lucky he didn’t get hit with the Doomsday Device!


Million Dollar Man_opt

Before he was a kayfabe-millionaire, he was just a regular Joe. In the old Mid-South, Ted DiBiase was appreciative of any and all his fans.


Andre the Giant with Stephanie McMahon

The largest wrestler in his day, world renowned Andre The Giant made many a man quiver in his boots. But he was actually a big teddy bear, as this photo with a very young Stephanie McMahon proves.


Macho Man_opt

There are tons of pictures of the Macho Man just being awesome. The late great Savage was a true sweetheart and here he’s posing with someone’s grandma.



Kamala typically frightens (and possibly eats) children, but on this night he’s made a new friend in this little girl. Even Kim-Chee has a softer side.


Punk Austin_opt

This young fan looks familiar as he meets his steely eyed hero. That would be CM Punk, years before he became a wrestler. Bonus: British Bulldog photobomb!


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