Celebrate Movember: The 10 Best Cartoon Mustaches of All Time

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by Howard Decker @HowardTheDeck on November 1, 2013

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If a mustache makes a man more manly, what does it do for a cartoon character? I’ll tell you.

The right facial pushbroom can do wonders for an upper lip. It can make dreary faces dazzling. It can spruce up that boring space between the cheekbones. It can mystify, intimidate, tickle and amuse you. It can catch soup.

Here are the 10 best cartoon character mustaches of all time.

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10. Snidely Whiplash – The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show

snidely whiplash


9. Sundown – C.O.P.S.

sundown cops


8. Cleveland – The Cleveland Show, Family Guy

cleveland brown family guy


7. Gung Ho – G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

gung ho


6. Mr. Spacely – The Jetsons


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  • Sammy

    Hah great list

  • http://levithansuniverse.wordpress.com/ Leviathan

    Outstanding list! I think Jaga from the Thundercats, and Wreck-Gar of Transformers, would have been a good choice for honorable mention.

    • http://underscoopfire.com Howie Decker

      ooh great calls. I would have loved to have had a robot on this list.

  • James

    very nice. So, sitcoms, cartoons, what mustache list is next? Movies?

    • http://underscoopfire.com Howie Decker

      possibly, I like to stay away from movies as long as I possibly can though. Maybe action figures? A lot of those would duplicate the cartoon list though.

  • http://OldSchool.tblog.com OldSchool80s

    The first one that jumped to mind was Dick Dastardly (from Dastardly & Muttley). Love the Hanna-Barbera!

    Another that came to mind was Stan’s Dad, Randy Marsh, on South Park.

    Love your Top 4, though. Good calls.

    • http://underscoopfire.com Howie Decker

      Yes! Crazy thing is I actually had Stan’s dad and Big Gay Al in my initial 10, but kept thinking of more that I had to add. I probably should have put them in honorable mentions, but then I hate having as many mentions as there were list entries. Could have easily done a top 20, but I find more people click and share a top 10 than a 20 or 50, so I stuck with that. Thanks for the comment!

  • http://teamhellions.com Kevin Hellions

    Damn shame Cody Rhodes isn’t on here.

    • http://underscoopfire.com Howie Decker

      He’s not a cartoon! If only Claymation Werewolf’s “John Cena’s Rock n’ Wrestling” was a real thing, THEN Cody would be #1!

  • http://coldslitherpodcast.com Classick Material

    The Mario Bros. mustaches were interesting. Ladies could either choose a smooth ride with Luigi or get with Mario, who sported a crumb collector that was ribbed for her pleasure.

    *shows self out*

    • http://underscoopfire.com Howie Decker


  • https://twitter.com/Count_Marzo Count Marzo

    Dr. Mindbender should’ve repped G.I. Joe staches!

    • http://underscoopfire.com Howie Decker

      True. Especially since he appears on the latest podcast ep!

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