Why Are Bingo and Slots the Most Popular Casino Games

by Staff & Contributors on May 29, 2019

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Casino houses date back to mid-17th century Italy, and over the last few centuries they have developed and spread all across the globe. There are many casino games that emerged and became widely accepted by gamblers as well. Today, when online casinos are dominating the gambling industry, there are two games the majority of people are interested in, and that’s exactly the subject of our article.


Bingo and video slot games attract luck pursuers from all over the world, and they are the most popular forms of gambling entertainment wherever you go. But why is that so? We decided to investigate.

Bingo Brings All Age Groups Together

Bingo is popular predominantly because everyone likes it. You’ve probably watched TV shows where older people from nursing homes spend their free time playing this game, but the truth is that even younger folks play it a lot these days. Moreover, bingo is simple to play — all you have to do is pick your lucky numbers and wait for the rotating drum to spit them out.


With the introduction of online gambling, bingo, among other games, became increasingly popular. While the game is still mostly enjoyed by people who are 60 or older, bingo operators found a way to make it more attractive to the younger crowd too. Namely, games such as Bingo Blitz allow Facebook users to play at any time. By moving their games to online platforms, bingo operators saw a rise in the number of their players, as well as a bigger age diversity.


Before the Internet, people needed to go to designated bingo gatherings and play from there. Today, they can access bingo games on the web at any time of the day or night. You can say the same for a lot of other gambling games, but bingo is famous worldwide, doesn’t have complicated rules, and is found attractive by almost everyone. Also, online bingo allowed software developers to be creative and find various ways to make the game more colourful and appealing. Add the fact that bingo can be highly rewarding and few gamblers can resist playing it.

Slots Are the Easiest Way to a Jackpot

Video slots are rightfully one of the most played types of casino games — even more than bingo. Again, the rules of each video slot are easy to learn and the game is entirely luck-based, which means that anyone can win.


Slots are the quickest way a player can make an easy buck, but they also represent the highest percentage of revenue casinos make. That’s why web entities like Slot Spinners site that review new casinos focus entirely on this particular type of game and nothing else.


Jackpots play an important role in the popularity of video slots. For example, progressive slots keep increasing and can offer jackpots which are worth several million dollars, so it’s easy to conclude why so many players engage in them. Even if you play slots with predetermined or fixed jackpots, you are looking at a high payout if and when you connect the right symbols.


Just like bingo, slots profited from the introduction of online casinos. Instead of having bulky machines that take up a lot of room in land-based gambling houses, casino operators can now store hundreds of different slot games on their sites. Plus, all of them are instantly available to players who enjoy gambling from home.


In the past, you only had several slot types and they all seemed to have the same symbols and mechanisms. Today, there are thousands of themed slots, each with a different topic and rules; so if a player gets bored from spinning the reels of a specific game, he/she can just switch to the next one and try out something fresh.


Online slots and bingo are often challenged by roulette, but if a certain casino has all three games on offer, it will surely attract players. Looking from a player’s perspective, whichever casino game you end up choosing, you will need an extensive amount of luck. However, these games bring fun and excitement to the table nonetheless.


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