Which Hollywood Actors are Really a Value for the Money?

by Staff & Contributors on January 1, 2018

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Ever wondered which actors on the big screen are really worth the money they’re paid?

RouletteOnline.net have done some research comparing those eye-watering salaries with the amount individual actors make for the studios themselves. Here’s a quick list of the winning thespians as well as those who aren’t quite making a decent profit, some of them well-known names:

The Action Heroes

As you might expect, some big superheroes figure highly on the list. But who wins out of Iron Man and Thor? And does Vin Diesel have a better return than The Rock?

Robert Downey Jr is actually the best performer out of all four, coming third on the entire list. The actor has a net worth of over $260 million but has made well over $4 billion for the studios. That means for every dollar that the producers spend, Downey makes them back a very creditable $47.

Chris Hemsworth is no shrinking violet either, making the studios some $32.25 for each dollar spent on his salary. Vin Diesel, despite the success of the Fast and Furious films, lags behind on just over $11 and The Rock is pulling in only $8.48.

The Top Actresses

There are a number of top earning actresses pulling in the dollars for the film studios. You might be surprised to learn that Charlize Theron has the lowest return with a net worth of $130 million, earning studios just over $1.5 billion. That means she makes just $1.19 for each dollar invested in her. Top earner, and second on the Roulette Online list, is actually Cate Blanchett who delivers a stonking $66.10 for each dollar invested. She’s worth over $85 million and has made well over $2.8 billion for the movie money men.

Top Earner?

You might also be surprised to learn that the worlds most valuable actor is none other than Samuel Jackson. He has a net worth over $200 million and has pulled in a staggering $5 billion over the years. That means he earns the studio $83.79 for every dollar invested – which may explain why he turns up in so many films.

Honourable Mentions

Others may surprise you. Tom Cruise actually only pulls in $4.57 for every dollar while Tom Hanks brings in nearly five times that for the studio. Julia Roberts brings in $21.98 while Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence earns the studios $28.77 for each dollar invested.

If you want to take a look at the full list of top 20 earners in Hollywood today, have a closer look at the infographic from RouletteOnline.net.

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