Where Are They Now? Staci Keanan

by Corey Chapman @chapmanrunner

It’s not often child actors land a starring role on a network sitcom. It’s even more rare when you do it twice.

That’s exactly what Staci Keanan did.

Keanan (born Anastasia Sagorsky) started in 1987, where she spent three seasons on the Paul Reiser-Greg Evigan NBC sitcom “My Two Dads”.

The show revolves around Keanan’s character Nicole Bradford, the daughter of a woman that had romantic relations with both Reiser and Evigan’s characters years prior. The mother dies and both men are awarded custody of Nicole, neither knowing whom the real father is. Resier’s character is straight and rigid while Evigan is wild and free. Hilarity ensues. At the height of the shows fame, it registered in the Neilsen Ratings Top 20 shows.

After the demise of that show, she tinkered around working on another short lived sitcom (“Going Places” with Alan Ruck and Holland Taylor) and did some guest spots before she landed a starring role in “Step By Step” a 90’s version of The Brady Bunch starring Patrick Duffy and Suzanne Summers. She played Dana Foster, daughter of Carol (Summers) who was the stereotypical smart, wisecracker of the group of kids, spending much of her screen time putting down her step brother JT. The show lasted 7 seasons, the first six a part of ABC’s TGIF lineup, and the last season on CBS. The focus of the show was of course Duffy and Summers, but many of the secondary plots were revolved around Keanan’s character.

After the show was cancelled, Keanan took some time away from acting. From “My Two Dads” through “Step By Step”, she had been working non stop for 11 years. She slowly got back into acting in 2004 and has appeared in films such has “Holyman Undercover” and “You Again” both released in 2010.

Not much else has been published about her over the last few years but she can be found on Twitter @stacikeanan (unverified account).

Here is hoping she brings her talents back to primetime television soon!

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