What Was So Unique About 80s Music?

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by Staff & Contributors on January 16, 2023

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During the 80s, music was different from anything we’ve heard in the past. 

While a lot of the music that was being released during the 80s was quite mainstream, there were a few musicians and groups that managed to break out of the box, create something that wasn’t just a rehash of the old rock and roll.

Music In The 80s

Music in the 1980s was an era of musical experimentation, when genre-blending and innovation were everywhere. It was a decade that saw the emergence of new musical genres, such as rap, hip-hop and techno. 


Artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince became household names and their songs dominated the radio and MTV. The 1980s also saw the rise of hair metal bands like Poison, Mötley Crüe and Guns N’ Roses, who quickly rose to the top of the charts with their loud, hard-rocking tunes. 


The decade was also known for its groundbreaking music videos, which brought artists to life and showcased their personalities. The 1980s also ushered in the age of electronic music, as synthesizers and drum machines became prevalent in the music of many popular bands. 


This era saw a rise in both commercialism and creativity, with innovative sounds and unique visuals becoming a defining feature of 1980s music. From classic rock to synth-pop, the 1980s were a decade that changed music forever. 

Songs That Define Music In The 80s

The 80s was an iconic decade for music, bringing us some of the best songs and artists of all time. 


In the 1980s, rock music was thriving. With the rise of new wave and hair metal bands, it seemed like there were hit songs everywhere. 


The sounds of the 80s were unique and diverse, ranging from synth-pop to new wave to classic rock. Songs like “Take On Me” by A-ha, “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson, and “Like a Virgin” by Madonna are just a few examples of how influential this decade’s music really was. 


From ballads to the hard driving sounds of hair metal, 80s rock songs have created a lasting legacy that continues to inspire new generations of music makers. Here’s a look at some of the most iconic 80s rock songs – Would you remember their lyrics?


  • “When Doves Cry” by Prince – Prince revolutionized the sound of popular music in the 1980s with his inventive mix of funk, rock and soul. His 1984 hit “When Doves Cry” is one of the most memorable songs from this era and still holds up today as an innovative pop/rock anthem.


  • “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor – The theme song for the classic movie Rocky III, this hard-rocking anthem shot to the top of the charts and remains one of the most beloved songs in 80s music. 


  • “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds – Scottish rockers Simple Minds created this timeless hit for the classic John Hughes teen flick The Breakfast Club. The song’s anthemic chorus and unmistakable synthesizer hook have made it one of the most recognizable tunes from the 80s. 


  • “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by Eurythmics – With its driving synth-pop beat and Annie Lennox’s inimitable vocals, this 1983 hit was a huge success for Eurythmics and remains one of the most popular songs from the decade. 


  • “Rock the Casbah” by The Clash – This reggae-influenced 1982 single from British punk rockers The Clash is still a fan favorite to this day. Its upbeat rhythms, sing-along chorus and socially conscious lyrics made it an instant classic. 


  • “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves – This 1985 classic instantly brightens up any room with its upbeat pop/rock melodies, uplifting lyrics and infectious chorus. 


  • “Africa” by Toto – Toto’s biggest hit was a worldwide smash in 1982, thanks to its catchy hooks and soaring vocals. It’s one of the most beloved songs from the decade and still resonates as an iconic 80s power ballad. 


  • “Every Breath You Take” by The Police – This classic 1983 single from Sting and company was one of the most iconic songs of the decade and remains a timeless classic today. Its haunting melody and intense lyrics capture the spirit of the 80s like no other song. 


  • “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” by Whitney Houston – This 1987 hit was a perfect example of Whitney Houston’s amazing vocal range and her ability to bring true emotion to every song. It remains one of the most popular songs from the 80s and is still played at parties and weddings around the world. 


  • “Livin’ On a Prayer” by Bon Jovi – This classic 1986 hit from New Jersey rockers Bon Jovi is one of the most beloved songs from the decade. Its catchy hooks and powerful lyrics make it an enduring anthem that still resonates with fans today. 


  • “Blue Monday” by New Order – was a groundbreaking song that helped to define the sound of 80s music. While other bands of the early ’80s used synthesizers to create their music, New Order were the first to take the technology and turn it into something that equipment could actually play.


The 1980s was a decade of progression in many forms within the music industry, ranging from the emergence of new genres such as synth-pop and hip-hop to the revitalization of classic rock and roll. 


The decade was filled with unique sounds, from punk and new wave to bubblegum pop and hair metal. There were also some of the most influential music icons who all helped to define the era’s music. 


With the help of advances in technology and production techniques, 80s music became iconic for its distinct, powerful sound.

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