What Is the Difference To Bet on DotA 2 and League of Legends?

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People who love sports know perfectly well that DotA 2 and League of Legends have reached the top of international popularity already long ago. If you are not so much familiar with esports betting, you may think that they are the same, but it is wrong to feel like this. Admittedly, these games have many likenesses, yet they have enormous differences. In this article, we are going to describe these differences for you to make the right choice. 

There is a big difference to bet on Lol and DotA 2. In fact, betting is not that simple as it may look in the beginning. If you want to achieve success in betting, you must widen and deepen your knowledge of gaming. Gameplay mechanics need some time to understand. At the same time, using your experience of LoL betting to bet on DotA 2 may give negative results. It goes without saying that Lol and DotA 2 have common origins. These two games are MOBA. They come from the same mod to WarCraft III, yet the design has been modified a lot. The developer, which is Riot Games, succeeded in making the game visually very pleasant but very hard to become a professional player. It is more than a popular strategy game.


Common Points Between DotA 2 And LoL

Once you start playing either DotA 2 or LoL, you will see two teams, which consist of five players each. Each game has the main map of three lanes, which are the top, the middle, and the bottom roads. You will also discover impressive jungle areas in case you want to farm neutral units. 

If you want to win the match, your challenge is to destroy the base building of your enemy: Ancien is DotA 2 and Nexus in Lol. Every match starts with the landing phase. Straight after, you will begin to kill minions and creeps in order to get as much experience and gold as you can. You will need them to boost your character and have enough power to kill your enemy.  

Both games have more than a hundred characters, such as Anivia, Drow Ranger, Ashe, Ursa, etc. Some of them look very similar in both games, but this is just the first impression. Each game offers different abilities and roles. 

Once you complete the laning phase, your team group can start destroying numerous enemies and their buildings and towers. You should do your best to slay monsters on the map if you want to get some extra advantages. 


The Main Gameplay Differences

The structure of these games is entirely different. First of all. The game “DotA 2” offers fewer skill shots. By playing DotA 2, you will be able to stay in your lane much longer thanks to the courier, which is the unit that delivers various purchased items to heroes. After three minutes of the match, you can upgrade it to the flying courier in order to accelerate item delivery. Lol does not have courier, so you will need to go back to our base and buy additional items there. As for the shops, Lol has the only shop available, while DotA 2 has three different kinds of shops: the base/side lane/secret shop, which is hidden inside the jungle. Despite the similarities, you will have a completely different experience. Gold and gaming experience matters a lot in both games. Only DotA 2 offers two types of gold: reliable for slaying enemy heroes and unreliable for laying creeps. 

If you prefer to bet in Lol, you can choose a couple of extra abilities, which are Flash, Barrier, Ignite, and Heal. Each skill is dedicated to different game roles. Unfortunately, you can’t make such a choice before the match starts, while LoL players can do it quickly. DotA 2 roles are very flexible. You can change your game strategy at any time during the game. As for the leading purposes in LoL, they are Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC, Support. 

LoL and DotA 2 have another essential difference, which are talents to empower the abilities of character abilities, gain more gold, and boost the experience. As for LoL, the game offers sets which give you some additional bonuses to become the champion. The developer encourages you to distribute mastery points in the way most comfortable for you before the game even starts. 



Before you start betting, you have to become the professional of either DotA 2 or LoL. Once you are passionate, it will not be difficult to understand the main rules and strategies. Take your time to understand the differences and explore all the features between these two stunning games. Hopefully, the information in this article will help you avoid transferring the unsuitable betting experience. Good luck!



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