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The main principle of working for an online betting company is easy enough: players make bets on the outcome of an event, win is in case of correct choice. A betting shop provides its probability of a certain result that is called a coefficient to the required event. And it’s necessary to have competent software for making a good interaction between a bookmaker and a player. This is a key to the success and profitability of a bookmaker company. That’s why choosing a necessary software is an integral part of working and we’re sure that https://altenar.com/ will help you to deal with this.

Main aspects of choice

A platform consist of two parts:

  1. Front-end part is an interface, which is seen for players. And the platform has to be as simple as possible and user-friendly for a client.
  2. Back-end part is a section of a website only for operators and administrators. The quality, speed and sustainability depend on this part.
  3. The up-to-date system of security is one of the crucial elements. Hacking attacks are a frequent occurrence for gambling shops. That’s why high-quality software has to provide protection from hacks and their attacks.

Gambling solutions for betting companies

At the moment the market is full of companies, which offer a lot of softwares for booking shops. It is better to give preference to those who are not involved in the betting business, because ‘giants’ of the betting business, as a rule, use the software for themselves. And they don’t sell it for not making a rivalry. So it’s better to buy in independent companies. It’s important for them to make our work qualitatively. 

The software for betting companies should have all: from bets before a match and bets during a game. This is a prepared solution made from the model of income’s distribution, which minimizes the risks, reduces the operational spendings and provides benefits for different types of operators.

Main functions of software for betting shops and how to choose it

As you understand, the work of a bookmaker company directly depends on the quality of software. The platform for sports betting is related to the money turnover and has the highest requirements. The specificity of the market means that in the majority of cases, the serious betting companies make their own software and don’t sell it to anyone. They have a separate staff for software developing for bookmaker companies. But when you create and sell your own software, you have higher risks of making your competitors. That’s why ordering in other independent company is the best solution. Altenar is interested in that you would have all working aspects, because we care about our reputation. 


Main functions for a software for betting companies. The success of betting business stands on the quality of a software. What does the qualitative software have to contain?

  • Reliability and protection, which is responsible for high standards
  • System that excludes the possibility of frauds of cashier and player
  • A trouble-free system in real-time
  • Possibility of updates without reboots
  • Unerring constant running of back-end part in off-line mode
  • Simple box-office module that is comprehensible for staff
  • Convenient interface
  • Possibility of monitoring and obtaining detailed reporting
  • Operating technical support service.
  • Submitting a lot of requirements to the bookmaker’s management system is quite justified, given that the platform is directly related to money turnover.

This software should have the instruments that show the coefficients of competitors and warning rejections, acceptance of competent solutions regarding the coefficients, which could be changed. Also the settings of warnings should be changeable: you can have a possibility to turn off them for a while or, for example, till the period of risk will be reached. 

Furthermore, it’s great when the platform has a possibility to create the patterns for particular forms of bets. Patterns are the raised settings beforehand that determine which types of bets could be active for any events and the size of fees.

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