Ways You Can Earn Money Through Online Gaming

by Staff & Contributors on December 30, 2015

in Gaming

Are you a fan of online gaming? Are you looking for ways to increase your current revenue stream? If you answered, “Yes!,” to both of these, then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out how you can earn loads of cash through online gaming today. Who knows, you might also find your next big break in something you obviously enjoy!



Although  this was once a common practice among gaming friends, boosting has become a great way for avid gamers to make some quick cash, especially if they’re extremely skilled. Boosting entails lazy gamers paying others to complete difficult levels or “boosting” their rankings for them. However, in order to become a qualified booster with great earning potential, you have to be very good and you have to be able to prove it. Boosters can make thousands of dollars by simply leveraging their skills to the more nonchalant group of players who simply want to get ahead without working for it.


Selling your account

If you have an account on a popular game but have grown bored of being a regular player, then why not sell it? Sites like ebay and playerauctions.com will allow you to auction off your account for even more than its worth. Accounts can be sold for up to $1000 if you’re offering a prime position to the buyer.


Play Bingo!

Open to new gaming experiences outside of the realm of video games? Bingo is not only fun, but can also be a greatly lucrative way to earn money through online gaming. Some of the new bingo sites 2018 is offering gamers offer up incredible bonus offers on spins which can have you tripling your bets! Not a bad way to pocket some cash, especially if you’re having fun while you do it.



Video games have become incredibly difficult and challenging, which makes players want to learn as much as they can from masters of the games themselves. New players are eager to learn from the best, hoping to get an upper hand on their own skillsets. Coaches can charge up to $100 and hour, but they must be both talented at playing as well as teaching. In this case, it’s very important to be able to prove your worth.


Use the Bonus Well

Every company has nice offers that allows you to play for free but some of the bonuses are harder to find. Look for the special promotions like daily bonuses, no deposit offers for downloading the app or monthly raffles.


YouTube Videos

Entertaining YouTube videos promoting games, outlining gameplays and coaching new players are very popular among the gaming community. If you are capable of finding a niche of players that has gone untapped and a way of promoting yourself as a trusted source of information, this channel can bring in some serious cash for you. The goal is create a following of fans that will rely on you for the latest news regarding your niche of choice.


Take your pick! Whatever you choose, you can be looking forward to some potential seriously big earnings. And, the great part of it all, is that you’ll be achieving it all via one of your greatest everyday passions.

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