Virtual slot machines from Playtech

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Slot machines have gained their love and popularity long before the advent of online casinos. Therefore, it is not surprising that all manufacturers of gambling games for the online environment create virtual slot machines. Technically, these are same slot machines, like in real gambling halls. However, not as a physical piece of machinery but as a software in your digital device.

A few years ago, there were at least a several hundred virtual slot machines in PlayTech’s software portfolio. Such an abundance of virtual games in the PlayTech’s selection of games was simply explained. Each casino had its own personal “likings” in terms of slots, developed on a single basis. These were the same type three-drum slot machines with one winning line and five-drum with five winning lines, differing only in name, background design and character set in the games. All this creates a pretty boring picture.

New slot machines by Playtech

But in 2019 the situation changed. These “clones” were removed from casinos using PlayTech software, and players were offered with better virtual slot machine games in return. These games are released with various themes – casino, sports, retro or classic – where they are supported not only by additional symbols on the reels, but also by the background design of the game and extra bonus rounds. Of course, some of these virtual creations of Playtech also have traditional pictures: BARs, cherries and sevens.

There are also special classic three-reel slot machines in the PlayTech’s software portfolio that players really like. So every player can find a game suitable for play on the PlayTech platform.

The Fixed Odds slot machine by Playtech, provide players with the opportunity to place bets for each combination in the game. For the rest, it’s a classic three-reel slot machine with one winning line chosen by the player. The performance of Fixed Odds slots is bright and juicy.

Kingdoms Rise – latest and greatest from Playtech

The new game in the Kingdoms Rise (Captain’s Treasure) series will be available to everyone on January 28, 2020. The game has many innovations such as additional symbols, improved prize options, as well as many bonus rounds. Game also has different in-game heroes, world map and cumulative jackpot. This new installation made by PlayTech reminds full-fledged video game with quests and in-game items.


The main problem of the PlayTech’s slot portfolio is that only two classic slot machines have progressive jackpots in their arsenal to attract gamblers. These are Magic and Safecracker. You can be sure that by choosing a Playtech slot machines you pick trusted software and perfect visual component along with big payouts. Agree that with such advantages it will be much easier for you to have fun and receive regular profits. Do not miss the opportunity to become a little richer, especially since all conditions are created for this.

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