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by Staff & Contributors on November 18, 2015

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Sometimes it feels like the internet was built by nerds, for nerds. Despite the troubling rise of internet applications for useful things such as navigation and shopping, thankfully 90% of the internet is still taken up with archaic gaming forums and weird cosplay pages on Tumblr.

However, for the modern nerd it can take an increasing amount of time to delve through the millions of web pages and apps to find something of value. And that’s why we’ve devised this brief list of web-based nerd resources for you to check out.


Comic books online

Few things serve as nerd-bait better than the traditional comic book. But if you take a comic book and multiply it to the power of a computer, you have the leading example of nerd civilisation. Comixology’s Comic app has revolutionised the way in which nerds can consume their comic book entertainment. This offers the usual flip and zoom technology you’d expect from such an app, but with over 75,000 titles from Marvel, DC and more on your mobile, you’ll never need to look up from your screen again!

Whereas Manga fans would be well-served by the Manga Rock app that provides the best example yet of a Manga-specific comic book app. This highly-customisable app has a range of useful features, but best of all is the quick and easy way that it can translate the occasionally wayward fans’ translations.


Nerd gaming fodder

The range of nerd gaming opportunities has also exploded with the rise of mobile technologies. If you’re looking for a terrifyingly nerdy gaming app, then you should definitely check out Calculords. This game blends multiple nerd motifs such as space, maths and comedy into a highly playable card game that is perfectly realised through its retro-clunky graphics.

And the rapidly-growing world of online casinos have also felt the effects of nerd power with the likes of Spin Palace delivering slot games such as Hitman and Thor that provide all of the winnings that you’d expect from a traditional casino, but with much nerdier graphics.


Dark side of the nerd

However, if you’re looking to really embrace your inner nerd, then the sometimes-terrifying, sometimes-hilarious world of nerd fan fiction can provide more than a few hours entertainment. A quick trawl through Google can reveal humbling nerd resources that feature some deeply weird Sci-Fi crossovers that sees Buffy mixing up with Star Trek, whilst Scooby Doo plays a random supporting role.

So if you’re searching for online games with Viking warriors, maths versus space card games, and indecipherable Manga apps, just take a trip on the internet and indulge your nerdiest fantasies!

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