Top Reasons why you should move your Business to Office 365

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In the current market scenario, sticking with traditional platforms indicates that you will get lesser and lesser upkeep over time; you will ultimately have to catch up anyhow and the tech that is out there these days will help you to increase your efficiency and boost your productivity. There are many different migration techniques like Gmail to Exchange MigrationSharePoint Online Tenant to Tenant Migration, etc. But migration need not be as difficult as you imagine.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s most recent stage in the development of enterprise IT environment and is rapidly transforming the way industries work. Here is a list of the top reasons why you should make the move to Office 365:

  1. Servers and maintenance

Office 365 is accessible on the cloud, yet also has the adaptability of integrating with your company’s On-Premises database if needed. Adopting the cloud has so many benefits, especially in terms of saving on the maintenance expenses associated with local servers. And the Office 365 Trust Center assures you that your data will be in secure hands.

  1. It will develop with your business.

Office 365 runs on a policy of “you pay for what you get”. When your business develops, you can easily pay for the additional services and data storage as per your requirement. OneDrive for Business – offers a large amount of storage at a very affordable charge. You will never hold the dilemma of purchasing a fresh hard drive for storage space again.

  1. Working anyplace and any device

Working anyplace from and any device with Office 365 based in the cloud, Office 365 indicates that your associates no longer need to be attached to the desk to access important business data and restrict productivity. It is possible to work from any laptop, mobiles, tablets, and on the go and it’s all supported by extensive security measures. Additionally, Microsoft Teams – is a communication platform produced and developed by Microsoft. Teams primarily complete the service Slack, allowing workspace file storage, chat, videoconferencing, and integration of applications.

  1. Simplified migration to Office 365

Migrating to Office 365 has the potential to be simple and smooth, despite the storage devices or tools you are currently using. And, considering Office 365 will keep having regular updates from Microsoft, you will never be in a need to migrate your data ever again!

  1. Bringing all your apps in one place

One remarkable trait of Office 365 is that it enables you to custom pick and choose the applications and tools you require. Microsoft has a lot of great business apps like Azure Windows Virtual Desktop on the cloud and these are frequently released in the Windows App Store. You can decide to add them to your Office 365 home screen and utilize them easily from one device or place.

  1. Work Online with Office web apps

Office 365 is focused on making your working system sleeker and collaborative. The pack comprises the entire MS Office suite accessible online which suggests that associates can instantly make comments, edits, repairs, and changes on documents in real-time without having to download the document on the computer.

  1. Bug Updates and New features

Once you have migrated to Office 365 you will have escaped the everlasting circle of waiting for new software or updates. Instead, you will have instant access to bug fixes and new features as soon as they are available.

  1. Enterprise-level handling and control with Data loss prevention

An organization’s vital aspect is its sensitive data, reports, and documents. Losing these can be very harmful, Office 365’s backup and data protection assure you that you will never lose the data you use.

Of course, migrating everything to Office 365 and getting used to it by the entire organization will be too much to handle. But with a good plan and the right support like Apps4Rent, you will find that the transition will surely be worth it.

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