Top 5 Reasons it is Cool to Be a Gamer

by Staff & Contributors

As you know from the title, it will not be about the games, and us. Gamers. Yes, this word has a rather general designation and can include a very wide range of very different people. Recently, the popularity of video games has increased a lot, and I asked myself this question: can every player call himself a gamer, does everyone fit into this category? Let’s say you’ve seen only one movie – you don’t become a movie buff after that. It’s the same with games. I play a lot of games – you could say that my whole life… I love games. It’s my main hobby, my life. And I fully believe that I can safely call myself a gamer, whatever that means. And so here are the top 5 pros of why being a gamer is cool.



Even though it is pretty cold, and the atmosphere, in general, is pretty sad, you can enjoy gaming. This is probably why I’m so into games and not, say, surfing. Video games don’t require you to freeze in the cold, all you need is a console or PC, a power supply, and a pretty good supply of food. Snow outside? No problem. It’s time to take a dip in the Caribbean in sunny Assassin’s Creed 4. Springtime? Slush and mud? Perfect! I’ll take a walk with Elizabeth through beautiful Columbia. I think I’m not the only one who has bad weather, which is already an undeniable plus in favour of video games. It also plays role in playing casino games with a deposit bonus.


Videogames cost money. And that’s okay. Yes, they can be expensive. But the game can entertain you for days, giving you a lot of emotions, making you think, tell a story, meet the characters, and you’ll remember it for life. And do we have to complain about the price? 



Yes, there are a lot of jerks online. They litter the servers, whining about how you stole their kill, and how they’re going to find you and do unthinkable things to your mother. In my opinion, there are a lot of them. Still, I’ve met good and decent people who like to play and talk about games. You can strike up an interesting conversation and learn something new and grow as a person.



After going through a particular game, we feel that it has become close to us, has become a part of us. And this feeling encourages us to create something of our own. Makes us create. It is hard to imagine the unthinkable number of creative modifications created by fans, the multitude of original, beautiful and fascinating artwork of favourite characters. Inspired by the games, people write music, make up stories, talk, share, and tell their version of the story. Games encourage people to express themselves through their favourite hobby. And that’s certainly a plus.



As strange as it may seem, the biggest perk of being a gamer is playing great games. Digital distribution services have evolved tremendously. Games are more affordable, and the prices are more loyal. And it is impossible not to mention the development of indie-movement, which allows creative people to realize their fresh and original ideas. A huge number of video game genres allow anyone, even with the most critical and capricious taste, to find an interesting game for themselves.

So, it is my top. I don’t know if you fit into such a broad category of the term “gamer.” But I think there is one way to figure it out. If you, after going through another game that has hurt you to the core, think about it and understand what it is. Feel and realize the thought that “my God, that was so cool right now”. If you suddenly get the urge to throw your hands up in the air and squeal with delight or you sit and sob over an unexpectedly dramatic plot twist. Then yes, you can call yourself a gamer.

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