Top 10 Online Casinos: Everything You Need to Know about Them

by Staff & Contributors

Since there are dozens of casinos on the web, we have singled out the leading ones to save your precious time. View an article on the top 10 online casinos topping various charts at the moment.

  1. LeoVegas

The first one to mention on our list of top 10 online casinos is LeoVegas. Bringing the roar of a lion into your doorstep, players can find themselves in a spectacular casino full of bright colours and even brighter games. Founded in 2011, they have established within Canada for a good near-decade and is known as the first ever casino in this country to launch for mobile devices. Their hard work has led to multiple recognitions from the online gambling world and has been recognised by the UK leading authority. This has even gained them licensing from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

  1. BGO Casino

Operated by BGO Entertainment Limited, this is a company which has worked tirelessly to ensure itself as a top contender in the online gambling world. Bringing the glitz and glamour in many aspects, BGO knows what it means to live the celebrity lifestyle. Even getting famous Celebrity, Paris Hilton, to showcase its glamorous entertainment. Carrying over many software developers to deliver high-quality games, they have created a strong name for themselves ever since they first came out in 2014. They may be young, but the experience in this field has shown greatly.

  1. 32Red

A fully covered, Microgaming casino that is packed to the brim with professionalism and creativity. Basing itself in not just Canada, but all over the world. Founded in 2002, it has grown to become a well-received name in the online gambling industry. Having over 200 slot games for players to choose from, this number continues to grow thanks to the advancements made by Microgaming. Its special live features allow thrilling live tournaments to be held, along with the high-quality table games that accompany them. Developments into its mobile gaming have also made great strides, allowing anyone to be welcomed to 32Red at any time of day, anywhere they are.

  1. Spin Palace

For those that wish to taste the life of the rich and powerful, Spin Palace can make all of your dreams come true. Being a veteran of the online gaming world, it has become increasingly popular these last few years, thanks to the wondrous presentation of its services. They have put their hands to many advancements to make sure that it remains at the top of its game, showing that its hard work will be paid off from the satisfactory results from its customers. It is already rated as one of the top 50 casinos in the world, proving it is worth day by day with more new and exciting developments.

  1. Royal Panda

We all love an adorable mascot. The Royal Panda introduces one of the world’s cutest animals right onto your screen. His mission is to make sure that you play fun games and win amazing prizes. Royal Panda has many games with quite a few of them hosting tremendous jackpots and prizes. They have a wide range of promotional offers so that anyone who joins the Royal Panda casino can always come out as a winner. For beginners who just want to have fun, Royal Panda will always be there for you.


  1. Jackpot City

As the name suggests, Jackpot City is the place where everyone comes over the best prizes. With some of the best progressive jackpots out there, this is a casino for those that want to aim big and win bigger. Requirements to join can be simple and easy, meaning that anyone can come and test their skills. Even the bonuses don’t require any promo codes or bonus points for activation. All it takes is just a few short details and winning attitude to take part in large events full of any kind of prize you can imagine. Come to the new and improved city of dreams.


  1. 777 Casino

Whether you are at home or on the road, 777 Casino is the route for any player of the gambling industry. Being owned by the 888 Holdings PLC, it is part of a prestigious line of casinos, holding up an assembly of winnings business on its shoulders. The excitement comes from its incredible connection to amazing games and online advancements. It has come a long way since its opening in 2015 and in just a few short years, it has become a large part of online gambling. It has made its name through its stellar connections and its independence to gain new support and deliverance of that support to any customer in need.

  1. Slots Million

Whoever wants a million can definitely find it here, with slots millions. Priding itself in fast and reliable gaming, the casino has made a great name for itself in being the top casino full of creative advancements. Even when it was founded in 2014, players were to delve into its massive selection of games and in-depth customer service. There is even a VR section, where players can choose to take part in gambling games with full audio and visual communications.

  1. Betway Casino

There is no greater casino than the establishment known as Betway. Part of the Betway group, they have a hand in almost every aspect of online gaming you can think of. From sports betting to online live tournaments. Betway has become one of the leading gambling establishments in both the UK and Canada, flexing its skills in a variety of fantastic and inventive ways. Enjoy the free bonuses and weekly promotions whenever you want, ensuring that all players will gain a chance to win something big.


  1. Casino Room

For those that wish to take part in something simple, classy and incredibly modest. Casino Room is for the players that just want to relax, take a load off and have fun with the many games that they have on offer. Established in 2015, this young and incredibly talented casino has already gained three licenses and has been recognised widely in the online gambling community. Its positive reputation creates a trustworthy presence to anyone who may be nervous for their first-time gambling. No matter what your skills set may be, you can always find a home in this special room.

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