Tips To Know Before You Start Playing A MMORPG

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Playing an MMORPG game for the first time can be quite challenging. This is especially the case in the event that you never played such a complex game type in the past.

Fortunately, MMO games are not that complicated. They are just like regular games that keep receiving expansions so you have new content to play. Unfortunately, being caught up in everything is very common. That is why you should remember the following very simple and effective tips to help you out when you start to play an MMORPG game.

Getting Ready For Playing The Game

One of the really important things to do is to start learning about the game before you actually play it. In order to do this, just do the following:

  • Visit the game site. Do it in order to look at the stat system, game classes, special features, and available races.
  • Visit YouTube. You do this in order to see how the gameplay looks like. You can also check out videos in order to look at all the available combat styles.
  • Start playing the game. The first impressions help you a lot since you can quickly figure out what you understand and what you do not understand. Write down what you do not understand so you can Google it later.
  • Check out guides, articles, and reviews written about the MMORPG game.

Understanding The Skill/Stats Tree

When you play a complicated MMORPG, like World Of Warcraft, you need to understand the stats/skill tree. You can learn about WOW dungeon leveling much later. You need to look at how the skill and stats tree work because of the fact that character customization is one of the vital parts of the game. Visuals rarely matter. Every single MMORPG is different in terms of how these two work. Some of the basic things you have to understand are:

  • Strength (STR) – This usually affects the base physical damage a champion does.
  • Intelligence (INT) – Usually, this stat will affect the magic damage that you do. Sometimes, it also affects whether or not you can interact with some parts of the game.
  • Dexterity (DEX) – Normally, this is a stat that is useful for the longer-range attacks with crossbows, bows, or similar weapons. Also, DEX usually affects block rate or dodge rate and can increase the physical attack power, although STR does this much more.

All of these base factors change from a game to the next. This is why you need to always read exactly what it does. The important thing is to be aware of what these do and there are others that might exist.

The Quest System

In MMORPG games, you need to do quests in order to level up. As you perform actions, you gain experience. While different actions can give you the experience you need, quests help out the most, especially when you level up your character. Due to this, you have to read about the best quests and how to properly level up the character. This can drastically vary from a game to the next and will influence how much time you spend leveling up.


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