These Alternative Movie Posters are Far Better Than the Originals

by Staff & Contributors on April 15, 2017

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Designing a poster is always tough, as far as it needs to include all the necessary features that will help people understand what the event is all going to be about. Sometimes alternative posters have far more important details than official ones. Which is why we present you alternative posters that can compete with original in their beauty and creativity.

Harry Potter

All the Harry Potter movies have been receiving thousands of alternative posters even years after the films got released. Some of those posters contain every single detail true Harry Potter fans will totally appreciate.

Thus, the original poster of Harry Potter and Deathly Hollows depicts Harry, Ron and Hermione standing on the battlefield. It seems the poster transfers all the necessary emotions, being tremendous, tense and a bit spooky. It could be perfect for successful blockbusters.

The keyword would be “could be”, as far as its alternative versions don’t look any worse. In some way, their design is far better thought than the original poster. In alternative posters, the design isn’t concentrated on Harry or Lord Voldemort. The book and the film itself weren’t spinning around these two characters. On the contrary, they were focused on defeating Death itself. The alternative poster designs show us Harry Potter meeting his Death and overcoming it. They look mysterious, dangerous and the single silhouette Death seems to be far more spooky and tremendous than the whole original poster.

La La Land

La La Land is considered to be one of the most creative and romantic movies that have been released recently. Therefore, everything seems to be well-thought in it, starting with costumes and finishing with a special color scheme that influences people’s mood. The official poster looks gorgeous and makes you anticipate something magical and incredible from this movie.

Nevertheless, the official poster looks superb only till the time you see its alternatives. These other posters use the same color scheme that was implemented in the movie. Still, looking playful, mystifying and mesmerizing, the alternative poster designs win all your attention: they don’t need any highly saturated colors in order to get remembered by those who see them for the first time.

Star Wars

The official Star Wars poster depicts all its main characters. No wonder it looks so bright, even though it has a dark background that is supposed to reflect space. The poster is adventurous and quite engaging. It calls upon taking some risks and trying something new. However, the option presented by Star Wars creators is not the only one and it certainly isn’t the most successful one.

Alternative posters that show the Star Wars Universe look appealing for sure. Due to the way they were designed, they not only contain most of the main characters who appeared in the sequels but also got succeeded in depicting the most fabulous scenes of the movie. This is one more reason to fall in love with such creatively designed posters.

The Avengers

It’s always hard to design a beautiful poster when you need to include 7 people there, so that all of them looked as if they were true heroes (well, actually, they really were superheroes). That’s why the original poster of the Avengers is very rich and deep. However, people’s attention is riveted to Iron Man and Thor; others on the background aren’t so noticeable.

Alternative poster designs are more successful in terms of depicting all the superheroes on one level. They show that superheroes fight together against the world’s destruction. Moreover, the colors used on the posters accent their heroic actions.

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