The Most Unusual Places Used as Filming Locations

by Staff & Contributors on October 23, 2017

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We have all seen movies that have amazing scenery and great backgrounds! But where are these insane places? Are they even real? The answer to a lot is yes! Even though many movies prefer CGI, nothing compares to the real thing! Even though we are series addicts as well, those deserve an article of their own! With much excitement, here are the most unusual places used as filming locations!

New Zealand

Matamata, New Zealand is now more famous but the name of Hobbiton – the birthplace of hobbits and the filming location of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. To those who have seen the movies, we all felt the same tranquillity upon gazing our eyes to that small village with Frodo and Sam and all the hobbits in sight. Even the actors themselves have reported adoring the scenery and the unforgettable environment of Matamata!

If you instantly not fall in love with this place, you might need glasses

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What best place could there be for those snowy and icy views than Iceland! Movies such as Prometheus, Star Wars the Force Awakens, Interstellar and many more were filmed there and we loved every bit of it. For those seeking a cold adventure and wanting to see where their favourite films were shot, we definitely recommend Iceland! It is more than unique.

Blue and purple – the best combination!

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Haddon Hall is one of the most beautiful manors in existence. All-time classics like Pride and Prejudice, The Other Boleyn Girl and Princess Bride were all filmed in the marvellous place! Envy is what comes to mind whenever we look at this unique place. You can see more at  freespins se!

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Ashridge Wood

Did you know that this is the magnificent place where the Quidditch World Cup took place?

The forest is filled with purple flowers

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Well, now you know and you can visit as well! It has a unique combination of flowers that blew our minds during the Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire film and surely seems like the best place to even do a Harry Potter themed wedding!


Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

After the filming of Avatar (2009), the Zhangjiajie National Forest became very famous and for a good reason! From the movie shots to the actual forest, we fell in love with the diverse terrain and most unusual scenery. From mountains to lakes to whatever pleases you the most, it has it all!

No words to describe the beauty

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We may have a top 5 for the most unusual places used in films but we know there are more amazing places and surely, even more, to come which we cannot wait to see. What are your favourite sites? Please tells in the comment section below as we are more than eager to know!

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