The Most Popular Gambling Expressions and Their Meaning

As you enter into online gaming to try out different slot machines, you will encounter different slag expressions that could leave you confused. Seasoned players have encountered these phrases countless times and probably have gotten used to them from context. But do you really know what they mean?

Whether you are a new player or a veteran in spinning the reels, understanding these terms would significantly improve your gaming experience. Keep reading to learn more about the terms used in the newest online slots so that you no longer feel confused when gambling.

  • Action 

This is one of the most popular terms used during casino gameplay. The term is mainly used on table games such as slots, roulette, and blackjack. It basically asks the player to execute an action. For instance, you may be told, “The action is on you.”

  • Aggregate limit

The term refers to the maximum payout liability held by a casino in particular gameplay. 

  • All-in

This is a popular phrase in poker bets. When playing a No-Limit game, another player may bet more than you. In such a case, you could use everything you have to go All-in which would successfully lower their bet so that it matches yours. 

  • Arm 

The term is used in craps to refer to the player who is assumed to have special skills in throwing dice. Hence they have the power to alter the game’s odds. 

  • Bankroll 

Refers to the amount of money you have set aside for betting purposes. In most cases, a player’s bankroll is encapsulated by the total cash they can willingly lose at the casino. However, professional gamblers consider bankroll to be the amount they use for conducting business.

  • Bet and Bet limit

Also referred to as the wager, a player’s bet is the amount that they have staked for the game. This is the amount that you will use in given gameplay, for instance, for spinning the reel in a slot game. With respect to the same, the bet limit alludes to the minimum and maximum stake amount. 

  • Blinds 

Used in Hold’em Poker to refer to the bet that you have to make

  • Bonus

The incentive that’s accorded to a player to register at the casino or deposit funds. A special type of bonus, called the Welcome bonus, focuses on attracting more players to create accounts on the platform. On the other hand, the deposit bonus is focused on people loading funds into their accounts for betting purposes. 

  • Cold

Refers to a slot machine that does not payout or one on which the player has been losing for a long time. The opposite of this kind of machine is ‘hot.’

  • Comps

Refers to incentives given in the form of drinks, food, and free hotel rooms by the land-based casino to lure players

  • Croupier 

Another word for the dealer.

  • Chips 

The currency that the casino gambler uses as tokens to play in various table games. Players often receive chips of different colors and denominations that are mostly irresistible to fiddle with.

  • High roller

A player that has a big bankroll and normally places big stakes at the casino. A high roller or whale is normally ready to take bigger risks to get much bigger rewards. 

  • House edge 

House edge refers to the extent to which the game has been programmed in favor of the casino. Consider this as the advantage that the casino has over you. The importance of house edge is to ensure the casino never lacks money, something that would eventually cast it out of business. 

  • Odds

The ratio that you have for winning at the casino. The game’s odds influence how much the gambler can receive from their bet after winning gameplay.

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