The Most Interesting Video Games to Play on Halloween

by Staff & Contributors

This past October, Halloween might have been even scarier than in the precedent years if such a comparison is actually possible. On one hand, Netflix released the second season of the acclaimed “Stranger Things” TV Series in its entirety, giving a completely new meaning to thrilling movie nights, registering a record audience of scared and scarred viewers. Not only this, but this year, the number of truly spooky and grotesque video games released was considerably larger than ever before. Here are the 5 scariest and most interesting video games that feature a Halloween theme and fit its genre like a matching glove.


Dead Space
Since its very release, Dead Space stood out as one of the goriest video game entries ever, comparable with the ultimate champions of this category, the notorious Mortal Kombat and the infamous Gears of War. What sets Dead Space apart from these two is the solitude vibe and a large portion of sudden scares that test players’ nerves and claustrophobia.


Until Dawn
This is one of the most complex Halloween-themed video games ever, offering players a great variety of scenarios and characters, as well as possible courses of action. And the best part is that no matter what you do or choose, in the end, everything connects in a frightening manner. Much like in the top online casinos, in order to win, players have to think two moves ahead.


Resident Evil Seven: Biohazard
The Resident Evil series is globally recognized in the universe of action-packed terrifying video games, having become a cult classic and the main reference of the horror genre right from the beginning. The beauty of it is that even though after each new installment fans and players tend to think that nothing new can produce the same impact as the precedent title, its developers strangely find a way to shock and horrify them even more. RE7 is no different making players realize what actual fear is as they advance through the gameplay.


The Last of Us
Here is another perfect example of the horror genre and at the same time, a critically acclaimed release that truly delivers the spookiest chills and lives up to its name. The storyline is extremely heavy, and each character and the struggles they go through feel a little bit too real, making The Last of Us one of the most intense possible experiences this Halloween.


Alien Isolation
When it comes to gore, gritty sci-fi, and absolute fear, nothing can truly beat the Alien franchise. From the early Cinema flicks down to the newer video game sequels and prequels, the creators behind the Alien universe have somehow managed to create an unforeseeable timeline that manages to surprise and astonish viewers and players with each new entry. A blunt feeling of helplessness and the predominant dark atmosphere are omnipresent in this latest installment of the bio-morph saga, making Alien Isolation an experience not to be missed.

Each of the entries in the current top, along with several other pertinent candidates, seem tailor-made for the night of October 31st. Simply turn off the lights, turn your volume up, and prepare for the scare.


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