The Future Of Hearthstone Pro Gaming: What To Expect From 2017

Who knew a simple game of cards could be so exciting? Sure we are introduced to new layers of WarCraft lore and get a chance to play with some of the most memorable characters in an entirely different setting. But still, how did Blizzard catch the hearts and should of entire generations with nothing but free cards? They are not even played at a poker table!

Apparently there is some magic to it as the 2016 Hearthsone Championship Tour became one of the biggest, most talked about events in the entire gaming community. Guides were written based on the tactics champions are using; new blood is getting onto the game. Heck, some people even manage to make a decent profit with Hearthstone betting online.

But now that the first Championship Tour is approaching it’s exciting end, what does the future hold for us, diehard fans?

Blizzards don’t just tell stories, they learn from them

It is true that every single game released by Blizzard is a masterpiece tale. Even the vents the company hosts are unique on their own. But if there’s one thing the Blizzards are good at, it’s learning from their own stories.

Sure enough the HTC was the initial sandbox and we shall see a new and enhanced version of it next year.


Here’s what we are to expect from 2017!

  • More global clashes! The Regional Season Championship shall be integrated into the Global Season Championship. New events shall be held in venues and easily attended in-person by fans because the stadiums will be all over! In theory.
  • Preliminaries are no more. They are replaced with playoffs. Every major region like the Americas, Europe, China and Asia-Pacific will send out 4 prominent candidates to battle for the title cup. Local Tavern Heroes are what Blizzards are going for, but the games will be more competitive as the stakes are higher!
  • Amounts of earned points will be tweaked and adjusted. Both points and cups won from tournaments and ranked play bonuses will be distributed fairly among players to cover more new ground.
  • Higher prizes. The total pool for HTC 2017 will be way over $2 million. The main World Championship prize is now one million dollars, season championships are awarded with a quarter million pool and the playoffs will award skilled players with a minimum of $20.000.

What else can be said about the New Year aside from “It’s going to be awesome”! We are expecting a totally new crowd, the stakes are higher and the prizes are juicier. Well done, Blizzard. Well done.


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