The Continued Rise of Mobile Betting

by Staff & Contributors on July 18, 2022

in Gaming

It just only takes a few seconds, a few taps on your mobile and your bet is placed effectively, conveniently, easily and quickly. Mobile sports betting is on the rise and it is already considered to be the next big thing!  That is why bookmakers are increasingly investing in developing user-friendly, well-designed and functioning mobile applications to improve their offerings to their customers. Their online offerings and mobile apps can be accessed by going through Bookmakers reviews in the United Kingdom.

Although land-based betting in brick-and-mortar shops is still thought of as an attractive option for punters, featuring the ‘ritual’ of a more traditional and romantic procedure, online gambling is growing at an extremely fast rate, with mobile betting driving this growth. Reports generally illustrate that by 2026 the online betting market will account for nearly 34% of the total gambling industry in Europe and that more than 60% of the online betting will come from mobile betting!

Such figures are enormous, if one takes into account that the overall European betting market now stands at 87.2 billion euros and presently almost 20% – that is 17.5 billion euros – are generated by online bets. Off these online bets, wagers placed via mobile devices – smartphones, tablets and portable devices etc – are already at a growing pace, reaching approximately the half-way of the market. So, an upward trend of the share of online gambling and subsequently of mobile betting, only reveals the expected magnitude of this!

Notably, online sports betting has the largest share of all online gambling. Not a shock, considering that it is one of the biggest markets as well. In 2021, sports betting accounted for as much as 40% of the gross revenues of online gambling in Europe, followed by online casinos and lotteries. In the UK the figures are somewhat different, with sports betting taking up nearly 31% of all online gambling gross revenues and thus, being second to online casinos which take up more than 45% of gross revenues.

Now, concerning the mobile share of these online sports betting, the European Gaming & Betting Association estimates it to be nearly 50.5% for 2021 – this means that there is marginally larger sports betting gross revenues coming from mobile devices than coming from the more conventional desktops. But as noted earlier, this is expected to further rise up to at least 60% in the next five years, making mobile betting the absolute communications and sales channel for bookmakers and the leading betting option for punters.

The UK, unsurprisingly, is not amongst the top markets when it comes to sports betting via mobile devices. While almost 59% of UK”s sports betting is done online, bettors seem to prefer the desktop options for the moment! In fact the most popular markets in mobile sports betting for now are Sweden and Denmark!

Another very interesting issue is that mobile sports betting is growing its share in the pre-match market as well. While punters have been using their mobile devices mostly to place bets on in-play markets predominantly up to now, there is a strong growth of pre-match as well, which means that mobiles are not used only as a solution to ensure speed and live betting.

Mobile betting has come to stay and it has done so, because of the advantages that it brings to both bookmakers and punters. It is the fastest, easiest, most convenient and quicker way to wager and it often comes with additional benefits. Downloading an app, installing it in your mobile device and signing up just opens up a new experience in betting, plus giving you a number of incentives and offers to retain you and satisfy you! It is quite common now for punters who sign up for the mobile app version of a site to get bonuses, freebies and have extra, exciting features in their fully customized ‘betting environments’. Added to this, ongoing promotions and gifts are on a regular basis to maintain these customers and encourage them to continue to utilize the apps.

Betting via mobile devices will dominate the online gambling market in the very near future and for this reason it is useful for puntres to keep up with this trend!

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