The Best Music Slots to Play On the Go in 2016

Even though the year has just started, we already have quite a few new games to play on the go. But two of them stand out- two new mobile slot machines launched by two European game developers. And, given that online slots are more popular than ever, they both deserve a lot of our attention.

Guns’n Roses by NetEnt

The Swedish developer formerly known as Net Entertainment has announced its plans to build a video slot machine inspired by the legendary American band last spring. It took them almost a whole year to build the game, but it was worth the wait. The visuals of the Guns’n Roses slot machine are amazing. And when it comes to its sound… well, let’s just say it brings back memories.

Released simultaneously on desktop and mobile, the Guns’n Roses slot machine has everything that has made the band great. Powerful riffs, amazing pyrotechnics and a great stage performance are combined with a game of chance in a unique way. Playing the game is extremely entertaining, even if you are not into gambling. And its soundtrack… it’s amazing.

It would be interesting to know more about the story of the game. Was it licensed by the brand’s owners at the request of the game developer? Or was it ordered by them, knowing that Guns’n Roses will make a great comeback at this year’s Coachella? Who knows? The fact is that NetEnt has a long history of turning brands into successful slot machines. It has worked with names like Universal, 20th Century Fox and South Park Studios in the past.

DJ WILD by ELK Studios

Not into rock and roll? There is something else on the horizon – a fresh mobile-first slot machine by British newcomers ELK Studios. As its name suggests, it takes its players into a completely different world – one without guitars, but filled with beats and lights.

DJ WILD has a soundtrack created by an undisclosed Stockholm DJ, a city which gave us some of the greatest EDM phenomena – think Swedish House Mafia or Avicii. The game is visually appealing to the extreme – it manages to take you into the atmosphere you would encounter in a club. The lights, the beats, the strobe – it’s all there. And it’s accompanied by a captivating trance soundtrack that fits perfectly into the game’s atmosphere.

Either of the above games is the perfect choice for the “festival-less” part of the year. They will remind you of last year’s amazing adventures, or prepare you for the nights that you are yet to live. Either way, go grab’em while they’re hot!

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