Tech Gifts for the Movie Buffs in Your Life

by Staff & Contributors

A good movie is something most of us can appreciate. The experience of going to see a movie has completely changed since the pandemic started but with all the technology available, there are many ways to recreate the experience. Not only that, but you can even improve on the experience by adding items that would not be allowed in a movie theatre. We’ve created a list of gifts that will help replicate the theatre experience and even improve on it.


Home Theatre Projector

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about the movie theatre is the huge projected screen. Having a home projector will make the experience even more realistic. The projectors on the market range from 1080p quality but also take 4k input. No matter what you’re watching, you know the image quality will be amazing. There are many companies that even offer Outsourced IT Support to help with setting up the projector in your own home.



Soundbars are not new, but this means that they are becoming more affordable. They provide an amazing sound experience, without the need for a full sound system. There are many great options on the market. Most soundbars come with Bluetooth connectivity, HDMI ports and a standard auxiliary port. Sound Bars are a great way to create the surround sound experience, without having all the equipment needed for a full setup.


Customized Movie Collection

Everyone has their own taste in movies, and it can be difficult to find all of your favorites these days. A great gift is a customized movie collection. There are many small businesses that offer this service. There will be something for everyone. This is a great gift if you work in IT Support for Small Business and need a Christmas gift for your colleagues that you know they will appreciate!


Roku Streaming Stick 4K

Many people prefer to stream their movies and series compared to using DVDs or Blu-Ray disks. This is a great gift for people who are always online or work for Managed Services Provider London Companies for example, since they prefer to have the latest tech and are always up to speed with the latest trends. It also gives them access to the best streaming services, which means they will be able to stream anything they want to watch. The Roku device is a small dongle that can be connected to a laptop or computer. The 4K+ edition comes with a rechargeable remote that can be controlled with their voice making it accessible as well.

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