Survival Guide to Assignment Writing

by Staff & Contributors

Figuring out how to deal with a writing assignment is a common worry for many students today. This type of work is increasingly being assigned to students of many different disciplines. Let’s find out how to deal with writing assignments successfully.

How to do a writing assignment

Writing a paper in the age of the Internet can be easy. This requires you to:

  • Get acquainted with books, articles, and other people’s works on a given topic.
  • Choose the main subject, find problems, and think about their solutions.
  • Create a plan for writing the paper based on what you’ve read.
  • Collect the text of the paper in a text editor from excerpts you like and your opinions.
  • Format the contents of the assignment in accordance with the requirements of the educational institution.

When formatting, it is first convenient to type the text in the editor, and then upon completion, bring it up to the required standard. Other writers may immediately set the desired parameters. If you are writing the paper for the first time as a new author, you will have to make many corrections.

Before working on the assignment, set the parameters in accordance with the format requirements:

  • Set the size of the margins according to the requirements.
  • Set the alignment to justified.
  • Set up automatic word wrapping.
  • Number the pages of the assignment.

A big advantage of using modern technology is the ability to immediately write without errors – a smart program will show students where they may have skipped a letter or inserted the wrong one.

Basic format requirements

The paper is a variant of the simplest scientific work, which includes the following elements:

  • introduction
  • main body
  • conclusion
  • list of sources

Some papers also contain a title page, table of contents, and applications section. Students often receive low grades due to the fact that their papers do not correspond to the format or proper structuring. If you usually have problems with paper formatting or structure, it is better to get assignment help online from AssignmentShark. You will receive a sample that will show you how to structure and format your paper correctly.

There are many programs for working with text, and they all differ in one way or another. The most widely known is Microsoft Word. It contains all the necessary tools for working with texts. A wide range of options will allow you not only to type the content of the writing assignment, but also to insert tables, diagrams, formulas, page numbers, and other relevant things.

The process of printing a paper created in this program is very simple. They are all stored in the File menu. Select “Print” and set the necessary characteristics, such as:

  • number of pages per sheet
  • page format
  • page sizes
  • print options


Don’t put off writing your assignment until the last day. It is best to schedule the preparation with the timing in mind. If there is a month or more left before the deadline, it is tempting to waste time and start later. Don’t be tempted. The earlier you start working on the assignment, the better the work will be.

Going deep into the topic

The assignment will be interesting if you delve into the topic and thoroughly understand it. A few tips for maximum understanding:

  • Choose a topic that you like.

Make sure to try to provoke interest in your topic. Consider how it is close to you, how it is connected with your life.

  • Find information related to the topic of the assignment.

Watch films and read books related to the topic. They should be necessarily scientific; you can also watch fiction films if they are related to your topic. Watch entertaining tutorials and lectures you can find on the Internet.

  • Connect the topic of your assignment to life.

Consider objects and phenomena of the surrounding reality through the prism of your assignment.

Things to remember

  1. First of all, decide on the form and structure of the assignment.
  2. Make a paper outline.
  3. Choose a topic that interests you, or try to get interested in the topic that you have received. Explore the question: read books and watch films and videos on the topic. Connect the topic of your assignment to real life.
  4. Use trusted and reliable sources.
  5. Seek help from teachers, parents, or classmates. When working together on a project, assign responsibilities and areas of responsibility. Write a draft and show it to your teacher.
  6. Don’t forget to proofread and edit your paper.


There are situations when it is very difficult to start writing an assignment. However, we hope that this guide will help you understand how to deal with your writing. We are sure that you can write a decent paper without difficulties!




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