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Betting is prohibited under Islam statutes meaning that it is not legal in Saudi Arabia. There are no internet gaming rooms or any form of gaming that is allowed in this country but even if there are strict restrictions players can still access some gambling sites. More so, over 6 million foreign workers who represent 57 per cent of the country workforce come from countries like India, Thailand and the Philippines. The online casino in Saudi Arabia is available in the Arabian language and one can wager using the country’s Riyal currency. Despite having no official breakdown of policies concerning the gaming industry, the lottery still takes place mostly done by the foreign workers who can only place their bets online.

There are no land-based casinos, poker rooms, bingo halls, or sports betting centres in the country.

Betting Laws in Saudi Arabia

There is a strict no-gambling policy in Saudi Arabia called “maisir” which is an Arabic name meaning abhorrence prohibits any gaming activities to the country’s citizens. There are two types of penalties for gambling once found guilty for the offence.

  1. Gambling attracts a six months’ imprisonment sentence, and sometimes potential caning depending on the severity of the offence. There are cases whereby those found operating gaming industries are subjected to stoning, amputation of body parts and the most severe is beheading.
  2. There are no state-licensed casinos or sportsbooks. The Saudi government does not give licenses to the companies that wish to operate online gaming website. The government also try to stop players from getting access to foreign sites by filtering the internet although the players still have access to some international internet gambling websites.

 Saudi Arabia Casinos Online

Despite all the laws and restrictions, players who wish to play online poker or online slots in the Nation can still wager. In cases where Saudi money is not accepted, players can use dollars. Some of the popular internet casinos found in the country include:  

  3. Fun casino.
  4. Gunsbet casino.
  5. Loki casino.
  6. Mansion
  7. Play Frank Casino.
  8. Redbet.
  9. Spin Palace casino
  10. Winning room casino.

Withdrawing and Depositing Methods in Saudi Casino

With online casinos, a player can only bet using funds that are deposited in the account where a gamer can take the money from the account at any time. You can store using e-wallets, credit card or making a wire transfer to your account.


The most common e-wallet you can use in Arabia is Neteller. It has a business permit from Financial Services Authority of the UK, and since gambling is legal in England you will have no problem with that.

A player can fund the Neteller account using credit cards, debit cards, Cash U, and Bitcoin. Cash U is also a better alternative since it doesn’t leave any records of a player dealing with Neteller on either bank or credit cards statements.


Paysafecard is a recommendable option for making secret deposits mostly for those who do not have other banking option. The card has a code with 16-digit which as a player you fill in the storage form of your chosen gamebook. The card makes it easier to transfer the balances to USD account such that you can make deposits and return any winnings to the card.

Games Bonuses, Prizes, and Promotions Web gaming in Saudi Arabia offer fantastic rewards and prizes that gives you an opportunity to play with real money hence increasing your chances of winning more money. There are large awards that attract new players and keep them on the gaming sites. Some of these awards and bonuses include

  • A large number of free spins
  • Rewards for the first three deposits amount to $400
  • Fold bonus bet up to $300
  • Welcome bonus of $1400
  • Loyalty bonuses for permanent Saudi players with points that could allow them to enter VIP clubs.

Online Betting in Saudi Arabia

Even if betting is illegal in Saudi, the number of online casinos is expected to increase altogether. A lot of internet gaming sites for online players will give their fans VR games shortly introducing the 3D experience of the brick and mortar gambling houses to the country’s gamblers.

Live dealer casino offers will get more popular with the country’s gamers and the web gaming expected to raise its popularity in the country. In the case of mobile gaming, Saudi Arabia players will receive web casino platforms that are compatible where they can play games on their smartphones and other mobile devices like iPhone and Android.

With the rise of web payment methods across the globe, online casino specific absorption rate (SAR) is likely to be more popular and acceptable in the country with local players having not to worry about their Saudi currency not being supported.


Despite gambling being illegal in Saudi Arabia, players can still wager on their favourite games from international online casinos. However, it is essential to keep in mind that there are strict Islamic laws that prohibit gambling even for the first-time offence. This could include 6 months imprisonment or more and additional punishment such as caning. The penalties are also hefty. However, there are higher chances that this will change in the future. Some of the casinos you can access when in the country include: Betway, Bet365, Spin Palace, and 22Bet.

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