Retro Gaming Platforms To Explore in 2022

by Staff & Contributors

Online gaming has been growing with leaps and bounds in recent times. Today, you can play all manner of games online – from retro games to casino games. With the legalization of gaming operations, web-based platforms like this Finnish casino have continued to revolutionize online gaming experiences. 

There are hundreds of options if you’re looking for some games and entertainment online. Let us look at the past by exploring retro games and consoles that you can access in 2021. Here is a list of the five best retro gaming systems worth your time.


SEGA Genesis Mini 

The SEGA Genesis Mini is small in size and has an impressively compact design. The console has 42 games, including Sonic the Hedgehog2, Streets of Rage 2, Golden Axes, and Gunstar Heroes. It comes with a cartridge slot for easy access and ease of cleaning.

 The console also has an HDMI cable to plug into your TV and two controllers. With a wide selection of games selection, this console has value for money. 


Sony PlayStation Classic

 The console has a beautiful miniature design for portability. It’s the most popular console as it was amongst the first consoles to explore the 3D frontier in the gaming industry. The console comes with an HDMI cable, power cable, two wired controllers, and an inbuilt memory card for saves.

 With a broad range of games, it is fit for everyone looking to rekindle memories. Video games in this console include are Final Fantasy VII, Tekken 3, Resident Evil, and Grand Theft auto. 



Evercade is a handheld console capable of playing a diverse selection of retro games. It is portable and comes with an HDMI cable for plugging into a TV if you like. The console games are well organized with booklets that offer a brief history of a game title before you play them.

 It has 260 games arranged in Cartridges meaning you can buy a cartridge that has your desired games. Each cartridge has around 6-20 games from collections like Namco, Data East, Atari, Mega Cat Studios, and Technos.


Neo Geo Mini 

Neo Geo Mini is ideal for old-school arcade fans as it has a wide range of retro video games. The console has a cabinet design with a four buttons joystick and a tiny screen of 3.4 inches. It has no HDMI cable, but you can buy one if you want to play on your TV. 

You can also buy a Neo Geo Mini Pad controller to enhance your experience if you don’t like the joystick. It has 40 fighting games, including King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown, Metal Slug, and Fatal Fury.


Analogue Mega Sg

Analogue Mega Sg is capable of playing all Sega Genesis cartridges as it comes with an HDMI cable for converting the Mega Drive cartridge into 1080p for an enhanced gaming experience. The console has a Dice Improved Game Hardcore that allows games to flow nicely.

Owing to the growth of the gaming industry, you can now play classic video games on modern systems with advanced features. Retro gaming consoles have realistic graphics, multiplayer options, HDMI ports, high artificial intelligence, and lifelike physics.

 The consoles have a massive collection of games, meaning you won’t miss your favorites. It is important to confirm the games available in each console before purchasing to avoid disappointments later. 

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