Retro Games You May Want To Play Right Now

When it comes to older adults, modern video games are not so attractive. The games they played when they were young were not as awesome as what we see now, or at least this is what we think. For so many there are old games that are incredibly attractive. Various retro games are going to put a smile on your face. That is especially the case since most of them can now be played online with just a browser. For instance, MuchGames has online shooter games that are classics and that can be played in just a few minutes for free. If you want to try some retro games, here are those that you may have forgotten.

The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

Most gamers know the Legend of Zelda franchise. It did have a huge impact on the video game industry. When choosing one we have to think about A Link to The Past. It is really exciting and you will not even care about the graphics. The game encourages you to basically get lost and spend a lot of time exploring. This is not something that we expect with a retro game since the regular formula is normally linear.

Duck Hunt

You will find this game listed on so many retro game lists. That is because this is basically the precursor of what we now see as being the modern first person shooter. Although you are not going to kill zombies or other players, hunting the ducks can be really entertaining. Many that play the game never forget the dog character. It is easy to understand why.


When referring to the puzzle games that changed the game industry, Tetris is the number one. It is available in so many different variations but all of them have the exact same really simple principle that makes the game so attractive. The very best Tetris version ever is considered to be the one launched by Alexei Pajitnov for the Game Boy. You will have problems in finding it but you can always play Tetris online.


Many say that Doom is not a retro game but we simply cannot deny the classic aspect that this game brings to the table. This shooter has brought in some huge sales after being launched, with over 2 million copies sold in the first 2 years. This is definitely immense for that point in time. Play Doom for hours and you will just want to take it to the next level and play against friends.

Super Mario Bros 3

No retro games list would be complete without a Mario game. Out of the different ones that can be considered, Super Mario Bros 3 is the most popular one among enthusiasts. This is the game that basically created the modern platform game. Nintendo brought to the table a classic and reinvented it. Mario is a character that you want to play with, no matter what game version is featured. However, any Mario game can be seen as the most interesting retro game ever created.

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