Prime Vacation Locations for Some 80s Movie Nostalgia

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When planning a holiday, we often think of sunny beaches or scenic natural locations, but the best experiences can come from visiting some of the most iconic places from our favourite movies. Of all of the great 80s movies, two locations stand out in particular as prime holiday – or ‘vacation’ as they say in these places – destinations for those seeking some excitement and nostalgia. Best of all, we’ll even let you know how much the whole experience will cost, courtesy of Betway.

The Overlook Hotel

One of the most iconic locations in horror movies is the Overlook Hotel, which witnessed the increasingly disturbing events of The Shining. Released in 1980, the film based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name may have added a fear factor to the venue, but overall, the Overlook Hotel is stunning. It looks out across the Colorado Mountains while offering the space and solitude that many seek on their holidays and mini-breaks. While the Timberline Lodge provided the film’s exterior shots of the hotel in The Shining, it was the Stanley Hotel in Colorado which provided King with the inspiration for the novel. So, for the authentic experience, you’re looking at £2,575.39 for a visit, according to Betway, or £3,529 for the week.

Los Angeles 2019

In 1982, Blade Runner hit the silver screen to inject a dose of dystopian sci-fi action into the cinema, but what some may forget is that the Harrison Ford classic is set in the distant future of November 2019. Even though Blade Runner’s futuristic Los Angeles hasn’t come to fruition, with no flying cars or orange haze, you can still enjoy the aspects of the film, such as the heavy Tokyo influence, by enjoying some street ramen. Betway calculates that a visit to the city of Blade Runner will cost £1,131.82, or £1,474 for the week.

Two superb films with two iconic locations: if you’re looking for holiday ideas, consider a nostalgia trip to these 80s silver screen classics.

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