Online Slot Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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If you love all things slots and want to know more about them then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will be revealing lots of online slot facts that will blow your mind from Microgaming creating 2 millionaires on the same day to the revelation of free online slots – learn more.

Jackpot slots continue to grow

Jackpot slots are great if you’re looking to win a life-changing sum of money. Progressive jackpots will continue to grow and grow until the machine decides to payout. This could be in a matter of days, weeks or months. It’s one of the reasons why so many gamblers love jackpots slots; they are so unpredictable yet thrilling. Generally, the higher it gets, the more likely it is to pay out and therefore a lot of wins are life-changing.

Largest jackpot payout

 This leads on nicely to our next online slot that will blow your mind. In 2018, Microgaming’s Mega Moolah set another Guinness World Record for the ‘Largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine’. An amazing £16 million was won by one lucky player.

Microgaming creates the most millionaires

Microgaming is one of the leading online casino operators in the iGaming industry and has created many millionaires over the years and changed many people’s lives. To date, Microgaming’s progressive jackpot has paid out over £800 million and this number continues to rise. In March 2019, Microgaming made 2 lucky people millionaires on the same day. One person won an amazing £8+ million and the other won £1.5+ million. So, if you’re looking for a big win, check out Microgaming slots!

There are so many online slots to choose from

 If you’re new to online slot gaming or you only play in one casino then you may not know that there are thousands of slots out there for you to play. There is something for all kinds of gamers to enjoy. There are slots with every theme imaginable from fairy themes, adventure, sport, romance, fruit, animals, nature, Irish-luck, Ancient Egypt, and so much more. There are simple traditional fruit machine slots, slots with lots of exciting bonus features, 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, and jackpot slots too.

There are so many online slots you can play for free

What you may or may not know is that you can play thousands of slots online for free. Playing slots for free provides a great opportunity to practice and get to grips with the game as well as see if you like it before you part with real money. These free slots are also great if you just want to play for fun and enjoy a risk-free game or want to keep the costs down in between playing for real. Another way to play slots for free is by taking advantage of a no deposit bonus offer. Typically you’ll get free spins or free games.

Online slot providers offer different things

 This may be an obvious fact but online slot providers offer different things. If you’ve just played an online slot you love then keep a note of who the provider is. You’ll then be able to search for other similar slots by browsing all the games offered by that casino provider. People prefer different online slot providers for a variety of reasons. Some offer excellent HD graphics whereas some focus more on exciting bonus features. Some offer higher RTP’s than others and some have the most unique and engaging themes. It’s all about personal taste as to who your favourite is!

Slot machines have an interesting history

If you didn’t already know, the history behind slot machines is very fascinating. The first slot machine was created by mechanic Charles Fey over 100 years ago. This machine was named the Liberty Bell as it features a bell symbol on the reels. It had just 3 reels and you needed to match 3 symbols to win. The history behind the fruit symbols we see on lots of online slots is also very interesting. Slot machines were briefly banned in the 1990s and cash prizes were replaced by fruits and the fruits remained even when slot machines came back.

Men play online slots more

According to statistics, men are more likely to take part in gambling than women. Around 80% of the gamblers are, in fact, men. However, with online slots, women enjoy online casino gaming just as much. There are plenty of online slots that you can tell are more targeted more towards women. One that comes to mind immediately is Eyecon’s Fluffy Favourites. A cute and girly fairground-themed slot with adorable cuddly characters.

Credit cards have been banned from online casinos

As of April 2020, credit cards are no longer allowed to be used in an online casino. Regulator of Gambling, The UK Gambling Commission is bringing this new rule into effect to help protect players who may experience problem gambling. The best way to make withdrawals and deposits in an online casino is to use an e-wallet like PayPal.

Online casino gaming is HUGE

Changes in technology have had a huge effect on the way people gamble. More and more people choose to play in an online casino as it’s much more convenient and there are so many slots to choose from all in one space. The percentage of players who play slots online is a massive 90% compared to a tiny 10% who prefer to play in land-based casinos. The introduction of mobile casinos in 2004 also made it a lot easier for people to enjoy playing slots on the go. Microgaming was the first online casino operator to introduce the mobile casino.

Online slots are truly fascinating. We could talk all about how interesting slots are all day if we could. From their exciting history to creating multiple millionaires and every online casino operator providing different things, it’s no wonder that slots are the most popular online casino game. Which of these facts blew your mind the most?


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