Most Widely Spread Slot Myths

by Staff & Contributors

If only we could show Charles D. Fey, inventor of the world’s first slot machine, how his creation has evolved in the 21st century. We are pretty sure he would faint with shock at how far his initial invention has come, with there now being millions and millions of slot gamblers in the world, something that has mainly come courtesy of the emergence of online slots at We really doubt he could have anticipated that one…

Seriously though, the effect that slots have had on the wider gambling industry is very difficult to overstate. Of course, casinos were doing just fine before slots, but these fantastic little machines definitely helped attract more gamblers to the casino world. And there have been many widely spread slot myths that have flowered in this time too, testimony to the crazy popularity of the market. Read on for some of the most widely spread slot myths. 

Slot machines are rigged

This is something that has been repeated on various occasions since pretty much the beginning of gambling within our human civilization. It just seems as though people cannot get over the idea that the gambling games that they play have been rigged against them – it is just human nature. But here’s the thing: in today’s highly regulated gambling world especially there is just no chance of a game being rigged, let alone slots.

And why let alone slots? Well, all modern slot machines and online slots now work using what we call a RNG (Random Number Generator) to keep the reels spinning randomly. There is, therefore, no real way that a slot machine can be rigged, unless you were to hack the RNG of course. 

The concept of fate

Fate is a term that is often thrown around in the gambling world, and we can see why, because gambling does seem to touch on the same kind of things that fate does. In reality, however, pretty much every single gambling game is simply a lesson in probability and chance.

If something extraordinarily unlikely happens to you whilst you are slot gambling it could be tempted to view at as fate, but in actuality it was just something that had to happen. 

The date or time matters

You must have heard of slot gamblers who religiously sit and spin the reels at certain times of day because they think that this gives them a better chance of scooping a jackpot prize. Some people like to think that slot developers program their machines to pay out at certain times, however as we elucidated before, the whole mechanism just works using an RNG. 

So the date or time that you spin the reels really doesn’t matter. 

Coin temperature matters

Yeah, that’s right, for some reason gamblers can actually think that the temperature of their slot machine coins will influence the overall outcome of the slot gambling session. Why on earth would this be the case? It is obviously false.


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