Get Out of My Brain, Creator of LEGO ‘Golden Girls’ Kitchen

by Howie Decker @HowardTheDeck

Unless I’ve been sleep-building again, this was not me.

Has anything in this solar system since the beginning of time been more up my alley than a LEGO Golden Girls Kitchen? I guess maybe if Hasbro had made a 3 ¾” scale Regal Beagle playset for my off-duty GI Joes to grab a drink, MAYBE.

LEGO CUUSOO user misterr has created this fantastic diorama that includes all four GOLDEN GIRLS AS MINIFIGURES as well as tons of accessories like cheesecake, obvs. LEGO Deadpool would just love these gals.

golden girls lego_opt

Click on over and revel in its glory. Just think of the possibilities if this somehow gets made: LEGO Night Court. LEGO Jack’s Bistro. I guess I can dream on. LEGO Dream On! I need a Martin Tupper Minifigure.

lego golden girls kitchen_opt

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