Is Odourless Marijuana The Next Thing Trending In the Markets?

by Staff & Contributors

Have you ever thought that there will be an odorless weed in the markets? Stoners over the years have taken the experience of getting the distinctive smell of pot. While recreational cannabis has gone a long way, calls will be seeing the first ever odorless marijuana coming soon. Further, cannabis manufacturers are trying a new marijuana strain. It doesn’t leave any smell, whether of a leafy bud or the smoke left behind. How amazing would it be to smoke marijuana and not to have it rattled to the clothes? People would be able to carry cannabis in their pockets without getting caught.

Benefits of odorless smoking weed

  1. It reduces the cannabis smell to a great extent. It is undetectable in all circumstances.
  2. It reduces the harshness of cannabis smoke resulting in smooth combustion
  3. The residue left behind is significantly less without making the smokers feel heavy.

How does odorless marijuana works?

The basics of using the first ever odorless marijuana are that the terpenes of the flowers are altered to remove the odor. Further, this, in turn, lowers the intensity of the lingering nature of smoke. But people are wondering if it will affect the overall working of the cannabis experience. Terpenes play such an influential role with the cannabinoids interacting with the brain. Most of these terpenes provide the entourage effect providing recreational and medicinal properties. You can check for different varieties of cannabis terpenes.

Removing the terpenes will make the weeds odorless and non-noticeable, but the effects of the weed might be disturbed. Likewise, there will be more minor effects on the body, not providing the medicinal products you might be looking for. Odorless weed will have no smell, just like a bud, but it’s hard to think that there won’t be any smell even when burning.

But the cannabis industry is looking forward to this change very soon, and they are only expecting positivity from the people.

What is the next thing in marijuana products?

The future of weed will be ever-changing, with new things coming up every time. Besides, the cannabis industry is looking to check how significant an impact the odorless weed will make. It will be suitable for beginners as well. If you are using cannabis in a workplace, it has to be different. But if you are using it for medicinal purposes, you have to replace it with full terpene effects.

With new products coming out in the markets, people will try to innovate themselves with them. If Purecann can produce the odorless weed in the markets, then it will be a revolutionary change. Also, people will not have weed hangovers anymore and no smell on their clothes. Also, the odorless one will have no odor and taste, but it should work amongst the youth.


It is up to Purecann how they will keep up to the expectations of people. If they can’t find a taste to match, then people will stay away from the weed. So, it all depends on how they picture their product in the markets.



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