Interesting games to play this diwali season with your friends

by Staff & Contributors on March 15, 2022

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With the festival of Diwali on the brink, the mood in the household becomes more lively. From colourful lights to luminous crackers, the resplendence of Diwali makes one crave to spend time with their family members. But ever since the Covid pandemic, get-togethers have become quite rare. Also, it is preferable to wish and greet over the phone than to risk one’s health in a crowded gathering. But nevertheless, Diwali cannot be the same without the ones you love. 

However, the situation is not as gloomy as one might imagine. Even if you cannot regroup with your distant cousins or your beloved nephews and nieces, there are still a few options available. The most alluring option among all these is to play games online. The best part about playing games online is that you can connect with your loved ones with the video chat option as well. Hence, even if you are not able to meet with your distant family members this Diwali, let these games reunite you with them. 


The age-old classic in every Indian household, carrom, is one game you can share with young and old family members. And now that the game is available online, you do not have to worry about the distance separating you from your relatives this Diwali. You can call them up and arrange a carrom round in a matter of minutes. 

Carrom has pretty simple gameplay. There are a total of 19 coins in a carrom board game. Of these 19, 9 are white in colour and 9 black. The remaining coin is red, which is also called the Queen. The red coin holds the maximum value in the game, and a player has to score a cover, i.e. scoring a white or black coin after they have scored the red coin. You can choose different types of carrom games such as point carrom or total point carrom.


Many people have the perception that the game of poker cannot be played by betting real money. But that is not true at all. You can easily play poker just for entertainment. Poker has numerous variations, and some of them can be a bit complex for your family members. So, if you are planning a game of poker with your relatives this Diwali, then Chinese poker on GetMega would be one of the best poker variations to go for. Chinese poker is one of the simplest variations of poker. The game is purely based on luck. It is usually played with four players, but two or three players can also go through with it. 

The gameplay of Chinese poker is straightforward: four players are given 13 cards from a standard 52-card deck. Now, you will have to rank cards in three sets: two sets containing five cards and one set containing three cards. You should keep the highest-ranking cards at the back while the lowest ranking would be at the front. There is also a middle between the two. The three sets or hands are then laid down on the table face down, and each player makes a call (in a clockwise direction) whether they will be playing their hand or not. Instead of money, you can use coins or paper scraps as money. For prudent reasons, you can keep this game with the adult members of your family, while kids can enjoy other games such as carrom board or ludo. 


If one indoor game has soared the most in-demand ever since the Covid pandemic, it is ludo. Ludo has four houses of four different colours (red, yellow, blue and green), with each house containing four chips. There is nothing complex about the game. The first player to take all his chips to the ‘Home’ wins the match. The utter simplicity of the game has made ludo such a beloved game in the Indian household.

Ludo is one of the most famous online multiplayer games that you can play this Diwali. 

8 Ball Pool 

After its famous depiction in numerous films, playing billiards has been a dream for many people. With the online version of the game available now, 8 Ball Pool has become an instant hit. You do not have to gather around a billiards table anymore to enjoy this classic game. Just call up your family members and friends, and you can play this game online anytime you want. In the 8 Ball Pool, there are 15 balls and one cue ball. The first player has to score balls numbered from 1 to 7 while the other player has to score balls denoted numbers 9 to 15. The player who manages to pocket all the balls and then scores the no. 8 ball wins the game. 

These are some of the simple but highly exciting games you can play this Diwali with your friends and family members. The good thing about these games is that no matter which age group you are playing with, the games will be quite easy to understand by all of them.

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