How to Play Mario Games on WII on the Example of Super Mario World

by Staff & Contributors on September 9, 2019

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Super Mario World was released in 1991. Now, all Mario’s fans can experience a new exciting 2D side-scrolling adventure, which you can easily play on a non-handheld system. The game features our favorite hero, Super Mario. It does not matter, if you’re a pro of Mario’s games or a complete newcomer, your skills can be checked by playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii. You will explore a lot of new features to get familiar with. Make sure you do not lose your time.

Let’s get familiar with wii iso format first. This game is one of the best sellers of Wii. It is different than any other video game you can find on the market. Modern video games are 3D, but this title is 2D. Players can go in two directions, either forward or backward. Do not forget to check other titles, like mario kart wii rom, which you will definitely love too.

Learn the major controls. It is a classic side-scroller video game with easy to learn commands. The controller is held sideways: directional arrows for left/right, the 2 key for jumping, the 1 key for dashing, the A key for putting yourself in the bubble, the + key for menu/pause, Shake for making Mario spin, holding 1 and shaking the remote to lift objects, etc.

Know the items of New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The game offers players a lot of new and returning items. They are very useful throughout the video game. Do not forget that such things can make/break your game. That is why you must know per heart how they work.

  • Mushrooms can turn Mario into Super Mario, who is much taller and stronger. Fire Flowers are used by Mario to shoot fireballs. You can press 1 to shoot fire. If you succeed to hit your enemy with a fireball, you will collect a coin.
  • Ice Flowers will allow Mario to freeze his numerous enemies inside blocks of ice. You can pick up and throw these blocks.
  • Mini Mushrooms are used to shrink the player down to minuscule size. They will help Mario to fit into small spaces and jump much higher.
  • Propeller Hat is used to launch up into the air. You can use this item by shaking the Wii remote.
  • Penguin Suit is used to slide on ice and shoot ice balls at Mario’s enemies.
  • 1-Up Mushroom will give you an extra life. They are colored in green.
  • Power Star is used to make Mario invincible.

Know the main enemies of Mario. In this game, you will meet all the classic enemies of Mario. To win the game, you must know how to defeat and avoid each of them. Below, you will find some of the most common enemies:

  • Koopa Troopa is a well-known enemy of Mario. You must stomp on their shells to make them immobilizes them. Kick as many of them as you can. Koopa shells are very dangerous.
  • Goomba is a brown mushroom-like being. It is one of the weakest opponents in the video game. Stomp on them to kill Goombas.
  • Spikies are extraordinary creatures, which pull spiked balls out of their mouths and throw them at Mario.
  • Bullet Bill/Banzai Bill is black bullets with arms and eyes. You can freeze them with an Ice Flower. They are significant but straightforward to defeat.
  • Swoopers are bat-like creatures, which you should avoid. A stomp will kill all of them.

In the game, you will also have to deal with Lakitu, Wigglers, Podoboos, Cheep-Cheeps, Dry Bones, Pokeys, Hammer Bros, Fire and Ice Bros, and Piranha Plants.

Learn every game level step-by-step. Every game level is unique and different from the rest. You should not get discouraged if you didn’t pass a level on the first try. If you get stuck, we recommend you to use the Super Guide. You will see Luigi, who will help you through the level.

Defeat bosses. This is a significant step if you want to advance to a higher level. You should know that every boss is a Koopaling, a son of Bowser. They all have different techniques to defeat Mario. You should use the main patterns.

Play with friends. Do not miss the opportunity to use four-player simultaneous gameplay feature. Invite up to three friends can play this fun video game together as a team. You can play as Mario, while your friends will choose between Luigi, Blue and Yellow Toad. All the abilities of the players are alike. That is why the character you pick is just a matter of preference.


We hope that our tips will help you to win the game. Once you defeat the castle, do not forget to save your game. While playing, you will discover so many exciting and surprising things. It is a real adventure you can’t miss! Enjoy the gameplay on Wii.

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