How to Pass a Multiple-Choice Physics Test Without Studying

by Staff & Contributors on July 23, 2019

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Alright, you have an important test coming, but you missed most classes and never really paid attention to the subject. Well, what’s done is done, and luckily there are some ways to improve the chances of passing that test even for someone as clueless as you are. Multiple-choice tests give you a chance of passing even if you don’t really know anything, that is why students love them, so here are are some tips for you.


  1. Use the Human Factor


Okay, you’ve missed all the physics classes, but I hope you at least have some basic understanding of human psychology. Your tutors are humans, even if they don’t look like ones, and it is inherent for them to follow some patterns, which can actually help you detect the right answer without knowing it. The right answers are usually longer than the wrong answers, so look for the one that looks like something taken from the book. The wrong answers might literally feel wrong when you look at them as if someone just put them there to confuse you. So look for the one that looks and feels like something the book would say.


  1. Multiple-Choice Tests are Predictive


The most popular multiple choice test taking strategies say that you have to shoot for the answers that have such words as “never” and “always”. If there are answers like “none of the above” or “all of the above”, these will be correct in about 60% of the tests, so pay attention. Such tests are nothing like writing a final essay, you can just guess the right answer here.



You can decide to pay to do my essay to deal with that final assignment, but in case with multiple-choice test, you should be attentive and think on a possible answer carefully.


  1. Use Your Memory


If they let you pass the test, in most cases, it means that you were present at the classes at least once in a while. Maybe, you even heard the tutor talking about some scientific stuff too. Now, it is clearly too late to think about how to study for physics, but at least try to recall some info that stuck to the back of your mind. Read the questions and the answers carefully, this might help.


  1. It’s Not Cheating If They Don’t Catch You


This is a risky move, but you’ve got nothing to lose, right? Sneak your smartphone to the class and try to look for the answers online. You can also ask your friends or even hire someone to help you pass the test, using some sort of really tiny headphones. With all the modern technology we have, cheating has become easy. Just please, don’t get caught, because this will be a disaster for you.


  1. Get Rid of the Wrong Answers


Sometimes you cannot tell which answer is right, so try approaching it from the opposite direction. Find the answers that are 100% wrong. This way you are going to get rid of those distractors tutors always put in your test as a cheap trick to confuse you. So, determine which answers are wrong and then more to those that look at least somewhat plausible.


  1. Rely on Your Luck


All of these tips are good and all, but sheer luck is what makes a difference between the failure and success for you. Multiple-choice tests give you at least some chance of passing, unlike final essays or other types of tests that make you use real knowledge. Trust your instincts and be attentive to small details that can give away the right answers for you. This can be your golden opportunity to pass the test and earn some points for yourself even if you are completely clueless.


Wrap Up


So, you are in a tough situation, let us face it, and your chances of passing the test are vague, so be prepared for anything. You brought it upon yourself, and now your sheer luck is the only thing that’s left. Hope for the best and try to outsmart your test. Good luck to you, my friend, you’ll gonna need it.

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