How to Find Reliable Movers

by Staff & Contributors on February 8, 2016

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If you are planning a move you must have been considered contacting professional movers to entrust all the grunt work. The main question is how to find most suitable company with affordable prices, great reputation, experienced and with satisfied clients? It is easier than you may think and here are few recommendations that will be useful for your search:

  • Use the social media as there you will find not only suitable local companies but great variety of posts left by previous clients, so you don’t have to make any additional research in order to find out more regarding their reputation. Even more, you have a great chance contacting one of former clients and ask for additional information;
  • It is possible finding reliable movers by asking your colleagues, friends, neighbors and local real estate agents. For sure, they will make sound recommendations, and is where you will find them;
  • Another recommendation is browsing through specialized websites and look for online reviews. If you are old-fashioned – look through yellow pages, there you will find all contact details.

Before contacting any moving company, prepare a list of questions in order not to forget anything important. In any case it is beneficial for you hiring experts as they have all the needed experience along with professional equipment and insurance.

What are the Movers Main Responsibilities?

Moving is not just transporting your stuff from one place to another and you must know what are movers’ main duties are in order to know what to expect of them. Everything depends on your requirements and the amount of needed services as you can choose to hire full-service movers who will take about every detail of your relocation or partial movers, who will handle specified services. These functions usually include following:

  • Packing and unpacking services. Quickly and efficiently all your belongings will be handled and transported. Experts have all the necessary packing materials, so you can be sure that all fragile items will be handled with extra care. Some companies require additional payment for providing this service;
  • Loading, unloading, hoisting. Without any questions packing you can manage without professional assistance but handling heavy objects is dangerous for own health. Loading truck with boxes, hoisting furniture through windows require special skills;
  • Professional movers are great drivers and aware of shortest routes as well as familiar with neighbourhood. Moreover, they all the necessary vehicles to perform flawless transportation;
  • Providing estimation procedures, creating of inventory lists, organizing proper loading order, keeping track of clients’ possessions. It Is also movers’ responsibility to make sure all belongings will arrive intact and on time. It is also expected that they will say in touch with clients and inform regarding the status of the move.

Professionally organized move is a real bliss and, surely, will save from numerous troubles if organized without expert assistance.

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