How to Become a Better Gamer: Our Expert Tips

by Staff & Contributors on May 18, 2023

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There’s a good reason hundreds of millions of people from all over the globe get into gaming. For starters, gaming is a brilliant mind workout that can boost brain connectivity, improve decision-making skills and elevate your mood. Most importantly, gaming can be incredibly fun! Whether you swear by your PlayStation or Xbox, or you enjoy PC gaming, there may come a point where you’re ready to take your play to the next level.

The good news is there’s always something new to learn in gaming. Using the right tactics and strategies can help you become a better gamer. In fact, if you’re passionate enough, you may even become a pro player one day! Read on to see our suggestions on how to become a better gamer.

Use the Right Gaming Gear

Arguably the most important thing of all – you need to ensure you’re kitted out with the right gaming gear! Without the essentials by your side, you’re not going to get the best experience possible. Whether this involves investing in wireless controllers, keyboard, or mouse, or purchasing gaming headphones, these pieces of gear can have a huge impact on your gaming and how you play. Understandably, you need to be able to see and hear clearly which will give you significant advantage and alert you when and where opponents may be.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on gaming gear either. Firstly, assess what type of gamer you are. For example, if you enjoy multiplayer games, investing in a headset is a must for conversing. However, for those who like playing solo, you won’t need to splash out on anything fancy.

Pick Games You’re Interested In

If you’re serious about upping your gaming, you need to pick titles that excite you and keep you entertained. Should you stick with any old game, you’ll quickly get bored and find playing more of a chore than something to look forward to.

The good news is there have never been more game genres and choices than ever before! For example, If you enjoy online casino games, you can check out Play Live Casino guides. They rate and review the best online casinos, so you don’t have to spend precious time doing it yourself. Whatever games you enjoy playing, establish your long-term gaming goals. For example, are you just playing to impress your friends, or would you be interested in going pro?

Allocate Time to Playing

One of the core things that stop gamers from achieving their goals is poor time management. There are plenty of things one could be great at providing they dedicate time to it each and every day. For instance, those who do regular exercise 30 minutes a day will soon start seeing results to their waistline. The same approach could be said for gaming. The more you play, the better you will be!

If you want to become a better gamer, you’re going to need to factor in time to play. And we don’t just mean playing them but playing them intentionally. Serious gamers pay close attention to every decision they make while playing. Those interested in competitive gaming will need to be several steps ahead of their opponent and quickly weigh up the consequences of their actions.

Improve Mental Dexterity

If there is one mandatory skill any experienced gamer would say you need, it’s a sharp mind. Being able to think creatively and quickly will enable you to take opponents by surprise before they’re even aware of what is happening. Thankfully, there are many useful ways to enhance your mental dexterity for gaming.

The first of these is reducing mindless activities. After a tiring day at the office, you may want to get home, relax, and do something mindless. However, while we agree it’s good to take mental breaks in moderation, taking too many can make it harder for you to get your brain into gear when there is a difficult problem that needs solving. Other activities you can do alongside gaming include learning how to play an instrument. This is a brilliant exercise for gamers as it engages both your body and mind.

Improve Your Reflexes

It has been proven that action video games can enhance your reaction speed. This is down to their fast pace and the quick responses required from players. With that said, it makes total sense to improve your reaction speed. Once you do, you’ll find you’re much better at video games.

While no one is saying you have to be a lightning-fast ninja right away, there are some tips you can use to your advantage to help develop faster reflexes. These include getting involved in sports and of course, playing lots and lots of video games!

Boost Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking when applied to gaming is all about absorbing and analysing information quickly so you can make informed judgments regarding the predicament you’re in. While there are definitely times when playing games that you will need to rely upon experience and instinct, there are other moments when being able to critically think can help in determining the best solution to a problem.

To think critically, you should avoid making assumptions. You must also examine decisions from numerous perspectives and learn the obvious choices aren’t always the best ones. Once you master the art of critical thinking, you can use these skills in your personal and professional endeavours to your advantage.

Surround Yourself with Pros

For the gamers who have dreams and aspirations of hitting the big time and becoming pro, you need to surround yourself with those who have been there and done that. While you may love nothing more than playing with friends, if they’re all newbies, you’re not going to learn much from them.

Regardless of what games catch your eye, there will be thousands of hours of gameplay recorded online that you’re able to watch. This is great for those who are travelling too. Set aside plenty of time to watch and understand how pro gamers work. Before you know it, you’ll be using their tips and tricks in your games.

While you’re not going to become a better gamer overnight, if you use our suggestions and have patience, you will quickly learn skills that can elevate how you play.

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