How to Avoid Injuries When Working from Home

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The curious thing about technology is that, for many, it plays a crucial role in their lives and simultaneously can cause some uncomfortable health issues. Office workers in particular can be at risk of injuries caused by working at a computer for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. We spoke to TechQuarters, one of the many reliable Managed Service Providers UK businesses work with, and they told us about some of the health risks that can arise while working from home.


Tech Neck

A more recent addition to the list of technology-based injuries is commonly known as ‘tech neck’. It refers to the effect looking at ones phone at too much can have on our necks. Naturally, our necks should hold our heads at a neutral, upright angle; however, we have a tendency to hold our phones low down, and therefore we crane our necks forward more than they naturally should be held. This can add a lot of extra pressure on your neck, and you are putting this kind of pressure on it often, it can lead to tech neck.

TechQuarters’ Managed IT Support Services involve advising users on best tech practices. The best solution they have for tech neck is to minimize your screen time, and when you do use your phone, try to hold it up so your neck isn’t at such an extreme angle. Additionally, regular exercise and stretching should be apart of your daily and weekly routine.


Eye Strain

Another way in which tech can lead to injuries is with eye strain. When you work in an office, you are spending more than half of your waking hours staring at a screen that is just a few inches away from your eyes; what is more, we tend to spend our evenings staring at our phones or TV screens, which aren’t much further away. When you’re spending that much without shifting your focus, it can lead to eye fatigue, strain, and pain.

An IT support company UK businesses can trust would recommend taking regular breaks form your screen. There are a few applications that can give you reminders throughout the day to rest your eyes or, for example, focus on something that’s far away – this change in focus is good for your eyes.


Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI)

The most well know type of injury is actually a group of strain injuries that are caused by performing a physical movement over and over – such as typing on a keyboard, moving a mouse around, or moving your neck in the same way (such as looking between computer screens). Repetitive strain injuries can affect your neck, your shoulders, your arms, wrists, and hands.

TechQuarters recommends a good exercise regime to follow throughout the week. You can even take breaks every hour to do just a few minutes of exercise; the activity adds up and it can be the different between a health body and one with aches and pains.

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