How Smartphones Changed the Way We Bet Online

by Staff & Contributors on October 30, 2020

in Gaming

Any industry using technology appears to move at a rapid pace of evolution. However, in the case of the gambling industry, the use of technology has sent it into overdrive in the last decade.

Once upon a time, betting and gambling meant seeing a middle-aged man sitting in front of a poker table or slot machine. It was hard for most of us to play slots or make bets on table games without leaving the house. But take a look at where we are now!

The advent of the internet made it easier for casinos to become accessible and available online to anyone aged 18 and older. Online payment methods also made it easier to deposit and withdraw earnings. However, the advent of mobile gadgets such as smartphones has meant a truly seismic shift.

Here’s how smartphones changed the way we gamble and bet online:


Betting on The Move

Smartphones have made it extremely easier and more convenient to make a bet regardless of where you are. Online gambling has always been so popular. However, having to turn on your desktop or laptop just to place a bet is not always convenient, particularly if you are always on the move.

So, whether you want to play a little virtual blackjack or look at betting odds, smartphones just make it easier to do what you want. Whether you’re hiking in some mountain or commuting to work, you can place a bet and play your favorite casino game, as long as you have an internet connection on your smartphone.

Things like the Singapore online mobile casino 77betsg have made online betting so simple regardless of how you are trying to access the internet.


Excellent Offers

You have probably seen how most people chase after bonus offers in the betting industry. These can be in the form of casino spins, free bets, or more funds in your bankroll. Having a smartphone can actually make it easier to access these offers and for sites to promote them.

Seeing an advertisement such as a billboard for a new offer or site, it can be quite easy to forget about it, particularly when you are on the move. However, with smartphones, you can simply log in and grab the offer before it is too late.

Smartphones have made it easier for betting sites to advertise and keep their potential betters and gamblers engaged. These offers have always been an excellent incentive for both players and for the sites in order to get new players. Some sites even offer exclusive offers to get you using their mobile app.


Easier Communication

Today, casinos feature customer care representatives on call 24 hours a day in order to assist you in your problems and answering queries.

All you need to do is to get the contact information on the website and give them a call. And that’s easier with smartphones.

In addition, mobile casinos make it easier to communicate bonuses and offer to players since you are able to access it from anywhere. Within just a few minutes, every player can learn about deposit bonuses, extra spins of cashback offerings.

With word of mouth being the means of communication, you can expect gamblers to tell each other of amazing offers once they receive bonuses and messages. Whether it is on forums or social media, most of this communication happens via mobile phones.



One of the best things about visiting a land-based casino is interacting with other people. However, mobile casinos also allow you to interact with dealers and other gamblers even while commuting at work or even at home.

Live dealers’ games in live casino are accessible through smartphones, allowing you to interact with the real dealer on your phone. You also get to play and chat with other gamblers through online and mobile casinos.


Betting At Events

If you are attending a live event, for instance, a football match, it used to be a difficult thing to place a bet during the game unless there’s a bookie on site. Unfortunately, not every site offers such an option.

Even if there was a bookie on-site, lines can still make you miss the action. However, with mobile casinos and betting, you can check all the odds right at your fingertips as well as placing bets easily and quickly at any sporting event you choose, without missing any of the action.


Live Odds

Odds can change every second in the betting world. You might have looked at the odds this morning only for them to change at noon. With a smartphone, you have the ability to keep checking in ensuring that you place the bet only when you want to.


Convenient And Safer Payment

Another innovation popularized by the gambling industry is paying via smartphones. Although the casino industry didn’t develop this payment method, players find it super easy to use and convenient.

Bettors can deposit funds to their accounts using their mobile phones. This method is known to be safe and more convenient since you do not have to input your personal information such as PIN or credit card numbers and you can do it anywhere.


Variety of Betting Options

The mobile betting and gambling industry have grown so much in the past decade that gamblers and bettors can now play pretty much any game of chance or skill they want for real cash right from their mobile phones.

Plus, the quality and quantity of betting options on the smartphones are virtually the same as it is on the standard website.


Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that mobile betting will just continue on growing and online casinos or sports books and smartphones will continue to adapt in order to make things easier for their clients.

In the near future, mobile betting will likely be the way that most gamblers make the majority of their bets in the world.


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